How old are the women of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? Birthdays, ages, and zodiac signs!

Monica Garcia has been riding Lisa Barlow hard this season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, pointing out her age and calling her “50.”

Here’s how old the RHOSLC season 4 snowflake holders actually are…

Meredith Marks, 51

Meredith Marks was born December 15, 1971 meaning that she is currently 51 years old. The mother of 3 may be the oldest on the series but she certainly doesn’t look it! Must be all of those cleansing baths

A Sagittarius, her personality traits include being Honest, Blunt, and having a love for Travelling. (Though we’re not sure if she’ll return to Palm Springs any time soon…)

Mary M. Cosby, 51

Mary M. Cosby is not a “little girl.” Born October 21, 1972, the spiritual leader is currently 51, tied for oldest with Meredith Marks. Still, she is a few months younger than the jewelry designer. Cosby’s husband, Robert Sr., is much older than her at the age of 68.

Cosby is a Libra, and she exudes this by being Diplomatic and Over the Drama.

Heather Gay, 49

Bad Mormon Heather Gay was born June 29, 1974. At 49, she is in fact “older” than Lisa Barlow, though this one does come down to a matter of just a few months.

Gay’s zodiac, Cancer, makes her Protective, Creative and Loyal. A beauty mogul, the reality star is absolutely creative. Heather is loyal by often keeping a tight lip – like when it came to her “mysterious black eye” last year.

Angie Katsanevas, 48/49

Greek newbie Angie Katsanevas has a birthday that is a little hard to narrow down. Sources online have her listed under November 17th in the years 1973, 1974 and 1975. While we’re not completely sure what the truth is, Angie herself admitted that she was older than Lisa Barlow, meaning she must have been born in 74 or 73.

Angie is a Scorpio. The Scorpion is known for their Sexuality (with husband Shawn, of course.) She’s also Brave and Possessive. Or, as Garcia would call it, a “minion.”

Lisa Barlow, 48

Lisa Barlow was born December 14, 1974 making her 48 years old. Even though Monica Garcia keeps calling Barlow “50,” the RHOSLC center snowflake still has a few years to go before she jumps into the next decade.

Barlow is a Sagittarius, whose traits typically include Funny, Boastful, Visionary. A fair assessment for a Mormon with 60k rings and an alcohol empire.

Monica Garcia, 40

Newcomer Monica Garcia, aka Monica was born June 1, 1983. Having just turned 40, the freshest snowflake holder has just jumped in to a new age bracket. This may be why she is attacking Lisa Barlow so hard for being an “old lady.” 

With a June 1 birthday, Garcia’s zodiac sign is Gemini. This means she has a split personality. It also makes her fearless.

Whitney Rose, 37

Whitney Rose was born September 30, 1986. She is currently the youngest cast member of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City at the age of 37. Whitney isn’t just the youngest on her franchise, she’s one of the youngest across all the Housewives. And she’s actually married… to husband Justin Rose.

The Wild Rose founder is a Libra, meaning she is concerned with Harmony, Balance and Peace. That explains all those crystals…

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