90 DAY FIANCE Devin says she’s not ‘slow,’ explains weight difference

90 Day Fiance Devin says she isn't slow

90 Day Fiancé Season 10 star Devin Hoofman has received some criticism after her recent debut on the show. In her scenes after arriving in Korea, Devin seemed a bit tired and perhaps slightly disheveled — which makes sense given that she had just gotten off a long flight from the US.

25-year-old Devin took to Instagram to address several points that viewers were criticizing her for. In addition to talking slow and dressing down for her flight and arrival, she also addressed those accusing her of catfishing due to an apparent weight difference in her photos, and also her seemingly tight jaw.

“I would like to clear up some semi-disappointing comments I’ve seen regarding myself on last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Devin began her three-part text graphic post. “I’m not ‘slow’ or ‘delayed.’ I have always been someone who speaks very relaxed with a deeper voice.”

Devin says that her style of speaking was exacerbated by how the interviews ans scenes were shot. “We had to film these in the middle of the night after I got off from my full-time job. I remember being so tired that I was scared driving home.”

Devin on catfishing and weight gain

I know I look very different than the photos and videos shown of me before. These were filmed at the end and I had put on a lot of weight from binge drinking/eating trying to cope with the anxiety of shooting the show. I have lost somewhere between 25-30 pounds since that shoot.

Devin’s jaw issues, conclusion

I saw some comments about TMJ, and they are correct. I have had chronic jaw tension since I was a small child that only got worse as I aged.

I was taking injections in Australia for it, but stopped when I came home. I have recently within the last couple of months started getting them again after seeing my face and how big it had gotten and how much pain I was in.

I just hope this clears some things up. It’s unfortunate that when I was being filmed for national TV, I felt and looked my lowest. It is out of my control.

Devin still has a sense of humor

After Devin had some time to process all the negativity, as well as the messages of support that she has received, she returned to Instagram with a humorous post poking fun at some viewers’ expectations in terms of her airport fashion choices:

“Sorry, my Gucci was in the wash that day,” Devin captioned the clip.

To see how Nick and Devin’s relationship plays out this season, be sure to tune in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé airing Sunday nights at 8/7c and streaming on Max and Discovery+. If you’re impatient, you can check out Starcasm’s exclusive spoiler regarding whether or not Nick and Devin got married!

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