RHONJ Why Gia Giudice and her uncle Joe Gorga are fighting

On Season 12 of RHONJ, there’s discord between the Gorgas and the Giudices yet again, but this time 21-year-old Gia Giudice is in the middle of the unpleasant televised family squabbles.

Gia’s confrontation with her uncle Joe Gorga happened at the beginning of Episode 2 of Season 12 after Jennifer Aydin left the party because Margaret exposed that her husband had an affair. After Jennifer and her husband Bill left, Joe Gorga said he was uncomfortable even coming to the party knowing that Jennifer was going to be there because she had implied he was a crook in an Instagram post. He turned to Teresa’s boyfriend Luis and asked him if liked people putting out stuff about him.

Meanwhile, Gia was eyeing her uncle incredulously. “It’s a whole thing, though,” she said to her mother. “People get hurt, people get offended by things that other people say, but this is why people shouldn’t open their mouth in the first place, just like Dad didn’t deserve it either.”

Joe heard what she was saying and then directed his attention to his niece and told her if she “wanted to say something, go ahead.” He then went in on Gia with his authority over her, stating that he was her uncle, older than her and was her godfather.

Gia remained composed as she told her uncle that that didn’t mean anything to her. “I’m an adult now too, so you can talk to me like one,” Gia told him. She went on to say that she was done with him “being disrespectful,” and let him know that he couldn’t talk down to her.

This really set him off. He said that he wouldn’t allow his own daughter to talk to an uncle or an aunt that way. “That is horrendous. I loved you since the minute I saw you,” Joe told Gia as he walked off.

Melissa Gorga then came to Gia to find out what was going on and Gia explained that Joe Gorga did to her dad a similar thing that he was mad at Jennifer for doing. Melissa explained that Joe was shocked that Gia was even talking to him the way she was talking. Gia kind of laughed at that, so Melissa then told her it was “not good” that Gia was laughing about her “uncle crying about her.”

Meanwhile, Joe Gorga was outside Teresa’s house blowing off steam to Luis. “She looks at me like I’m the devil,” Joe says. “Her father was the devil!”

Gia decided to go talk to Joe because she still loved him. He said that he’s been “dealing with this,” meaning his sister Teresa’s marriage to Joe Giudice, “for 20 years.” He said that he didn’t want to feel like a “devil of a man” for sticking up for his sister and his parents.

This triggered Gia to yell, “Can I speak? . . . Don’t bring up my Nonna and Nonno, and same with your parents too. Why would you ever want to say that about them?”

“Because it’s true,” Joe says.

“It’s not,” Gia replies. “That’s when I walk away from you.”

As Gia walks away his wife Melissa tells Joe “She wants to believe you’re lying. Let her believe it.”

Two Joes have always had an acrimonious relationship and even got into a physical fight at Joe Gorga’s youngest child’s christening reception. Joe Gorga has blamed Joe Giudice for his parents’ death because his fraud charges and financial problems brought them so much stress. In turn, Joe Giudice accused Joe Gorga of taking his parents’ money and losing their house.

Joe said that he doesn’t want Gia to not love her father, but he still wants to acknowledge ways he thinks Joe Giudice has hurt the family.

Gia goes back and tells her uncle that he had every right to be mad at her father for putting her mom in jail, but she goes to say that her father is mad with himself too and lives with that every day.

She said she’s also defending her sisters because she doesn’t want them to have relive all the trauma that happened five years ago when their mom went to prison. “Let it go under the bridge,” Gia said.

Joe replied, “I don’t want to fight. It’s over.” Gia then told her that she wanted to see him more often. They then hugged and made up. Unfortunately, the deep rift in the family wasn’t resolved that night even though Gia and Joe made peace. On Episode 3, Gia’s sister, 16-year-old Milania is still upset over the fight Joe got in with her Gia, and doesn’t want to attend a pizza party because he’ll be there.

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