VIDEO ‘Blacktress’ Janet Hubert mocks Kenya Moore, demands money for ‘Life Twirls On’ TV show

Kenya Moore Janet Hubert Life Twirls On feud

The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are no strangers to seeing cast members testing the entrepreneurial waters with such things as fashion lines, workout DVDs, songs, night clubs, wig lines, stage productions, funeral services, coffee, sex toys and even stun guns, but Kenya Moore seems to be really pushing the ambition limits with her stab at writing and directing her own television show!

Kenya began filming the show, tentatively titled Life Twirls On, in late 2014 with a cast that includes herself (of course), Brandon Deshazer, D. Woods and actress Janet Hubert, who most famously played Aunt Liv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

While filming in November, actress D. Woods shared numerous photos from the set, including this one with Janet Hubert, which she excitedly captioned, “Did some work on set today and was so honored and surprised to find out I’d be working with the fabulous #JanetHubert aka #AuntViv from Fresh Prince of Bel Air!” (She added three smiley face emoji as well.)

D. Woods Janet Hubert Life Twirls On TV show by Kenya Moore

And here’s a photo from the set shared by Kenya in which she can be seen “directing” a scene with D. Woods, Brandon Deshazer and Janet Hubert:

Kenya Moore directing Janet Hubert for TV show Life Twirls On

Kenya wrote, “#lifetwirlson #boss directing the incredible #janethubert @brandondeshay and #dwoods”

Those good vibes between Kenya and Janet have apparently since disintegrated over money issues as Janet, under her “Blacktress Janet Hubert” identity, has called Kenya out on Facebook and YuTube. From Facebook:

For all the actors that appeared on the Kenya Moore so called Pilot, don’t feel bad she fooled us all, and used the wonderful Winsome Sinclair to cast this mess. My advice to you all next time never sign the release that Bravo tried to get me to sign. Only sign what you are supposed to and that is what is related to the union contract. These reality shows are not governed by unions. That is why they can get away with the stuff they get away with. It is like a freak show, do not be fooled by it. They will ask you to sign your life away…don’t do it.

Janet also made a funny video about Kenya Moore owing her money for the project as part of her “Blacktress” web series. Here’s the video preceded by Janet’s intro on Facebook referencing Kenya getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice:


“Kenya! Kenya Moore! Can you hear me darling?” Janet begins the clip. She later exclaims, “Run Kenya! Or pay Miss Hubert her money! Or suffer the wrath of injunctions that her union are about to file on you!” Janet explains in third person that “She did not have to appear on The Housewives of Atlanta. It was her right. … And it was very unkind of you to try and trick her when she walked on your set.”

Janet then begins her parody of Kenya Moore in which fake Kenya explains that she hired Janet to be on the show Life Twirls On and then “tricked” her by revealing she was going to be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Janet refused to sign a contract to be on the Bravo reality series, so Kenya then refused to pay Janet. (So says fake parody Kenya Moore.)

Blacktress Janet Hubert as Kenya Moore

Janet goes on to diss Kenya’s hair care line as well, joking that it will make you bald in six months, albeit “Gone With the Wind fabulously bald!”

Crossing a veteran actress like Janet seems like a really bad idea (especially when you’ve already burned another actor bridge with Celebrity Apprentice nemesis Vivica A. Fox), and I REALLY don’t think you want to cross the Screen Actors Guild (now SAG-AFTRA)! Stay tuned to see how this one plays out.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about the fate of Kenya Moore’s TV show Life Twirls On — Did it ever get made? Will it be on TV? — I plan on doing a separate post on that soon!

UPDATE – And here it is! (SPOILER: There is a report out there that Bravo has picked up Life Twirls On and will air it after the RHOA Reunion!)

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