TIKTOK Pot Roast the cat has been diagnosed with late-stage FIV

Pot Roast the cat and her mom are an entertaining TikTok sensation with a loyal following. The owner of the account @Potroastsmom (on both Instagram and TikTok) has a wry, dark sense of humor and perfect comedic delivery that has amassed over 879k TikTok followers, and 43k Instagram followers. Her short videos are usually hilarious, but often quite emotional. Fans of the beloved cat were devastated to hear that she had been taken to the emergency vet a few days ago for a blood transfusion.



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After a two-day hiatus, Pot Roast’s Mom returned with an update that Pot Roast was ok, but has been diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia but that she needed some more time to process everything. Yesterday she posted that the anemia was caused by FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus,) which is infectious cat disease.


So it’s mostly bad news but the good news is that she’s home #potroasttok



The most jarring part of this whole situation was the livestrong bracelet #potroasttok

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Pot Roast’s mom was blindsided by the FIV diagnoses as Pot Roast was tested for FIV as a kitten but had a negative test. She has also sponsored a number of foster cats over the years, but they have all tested negative as well.

All Pot Roast’s Mom can think of to explain Pot Roast’s infection is that her late cat Carrot, who had also tested negative for the virus, might have contracted it from another cat and given it to Pot Roast. Carrot died from being hit by a car, not FIV, and it’s unknown if Carrot ever had FIV as this is just a plausible theory.

FIV is primarily spread through bite wounds, and unlike HIV in humans, usually isn’t spread through sexual activity. It is a disease that only affects felines and cannot be spread from cats to humans.

What’s Pot Roast’s prognosis

Unfortunately, Pot Roast’s FIV was progressed quite a lot before it was found and is now affecting her bone marrow and she can no longer make white or red blood cells.

At the moment there is no cure for FIV, but Pot Roast, who is often called “Roasted Toast,” or “Toasted Bird,” will undergo several treatments. She will need regular blood transfusions. She is already on steroids because she was already thought to have had an autoimmune disease, but her steroids will be upped now.

The doctor told Pot Roast’s mom that Pot Roast is currently living on borrowed time because of the stage her FIV is at.

Pot Roast lost her teeth a number of years ago due to stomatitis, and she is very small for a cat because she was very sickly as a kitten before she was adopted by her mom.

We at Starcasm are devastated to hear how bad Toast’s condition has gotten, but we are very thankful that Pot Roast and her mom are sharing their lives and humor with us.

UPDATE: Pot Roast passed away at 11:47 a.m. while in her mom’s arms.

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