Is Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin? A$AP Rocky ‘shocked, hurt, and surprised’ as romance heats up

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in New York

They’ve been spotted twice on what multiple observers said looked a lot like dates (and speculation about their fashion choices has already led to rampant bedroom gossip). But is Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin, or are the two simply seeing a lot of each other for no clear reason? According to the latest report, it might actually be a little bit of both, though it sounds like things are leaning more toward the dating side.

Hollywood Life’s take quoted an insider with alleged ties to the budding couple. The insider claims that Kendall, 21, and Blake, 28, have “just been hanging out and getting to know each other better,” and since “both have crazy schedules…right now they’re just going with the flow.”

Which definitely makes sense: Kendall is an internationally known and increasingly wealthy fashion model; Blake is the sole superstar left on the Los Angeles Clippers, and just signed a $173 million contract. Neither of them has a whole lot of free time on their hands (especially Blake, what with the two children he’s had with Brynn Cameron). But it’s the insider’s final comment–”They’re not exclusive”–that has the gossip flowing. Is that supposed to mean Kendall and Blake are simply friends who’ve gone out a couple times…or does it suggest that they’re no longer exclusively with their former romantic interests?

While no one’s speaking for Blake and Brynn, someone allegedly close with Kendall’s possible ex was willing to share thoughts on the pair’s potential breakup. “A$AP [Rocky] is into Kendall and has been for a long time,” said a separate insider. But it seems that interest has been tarnished: “A$AP is feeling a little shocked, hurt[,] and surprised after learning that Kendall has been spending time with Blake…It was like Kendall broke an unspoken agreement between them by dating someone new.

(Photo credit: Is Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin via TNYF /, Instagram)

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