RETURN TO AMISH Carmela and Jeremiah Raber divorce drama plays out on Facebook

Carmela and Jeremiah Raber divorce

It appears that the fairy tale romance between Return To Amish stars Carmela and Jeremiah Raber has gone from Disney to Grimm. The two reconciled after Jeremiah’s arrest for domestic violence back in April, and with Jeremiah attending counseling, things seemed to be going OK. But, this weekend the two BLEW UP at each other on their public Facebook pages, hurling accusations of lying and abuse while talking as though their divorce is a done deal.

From the narrative presented to the popcorn munchers on Facebook [GUILTY!], it appears as though the final straw for Carmela was…a FedEx package?

Carmela and Jeremiah Raber divorce over FedEx package?

It’s unclear exactly what the FedEx package in question was, but many are guessing it is one of Jeremiah or Carmela’s paintings — which they are currently selling on eBay. The most recent painting by Carmela to sell was this one, which ended on June 23:

Carmela Raber painting Satan

Kinda looks familiar, right? And just to make sure I keep this post as bipartisan as I can, here is one of Jeremiah’s paintings, which I think is an eyeball literally crying a river?

Jeremiah Raber painting eyeball crying a river

OK, enough with the fine art — let’s get back to the recent drama…

UPDATE – Going by clues from some of Jeremiah and Carmela’s later conversations, the FedEx package apparently had something to do with her recent car accident and her insurance.

Next up, we have this Facebook conversation between the two:

Carmela and Jeremiah Raber split 1
Carmela and Jeremiah Raber split 2

After those posts, things REALLY blow up as Carmela accuses Jeremiah of trying to swindle her out of their property, while Jeremiah says Carmela just wanted to be on TV and she abused his children.

First up, here is Jeremiah’s “Free at last!” post:

Finally I am free finally I am out of hell. I’ve been reminded on a daily basis that my biological parents didn’t want me My adoptive parents didn’t want me and even now no one wants me around. Now that the TV show is done now she wants a divorce and she is refusing to sign the property over the way she said if I would sign the papers. She used me to get on TV. Even her friend told her to do it and I saw the messages. After all the s***. that she’s put me through I’ll gladly sign the papers. She even went so far as to put me in jail over bruises that I had nothing to do with. She forced me to message people and lie to them just a few days ago about what happened. She mentally abused my kids over the last 3 days by lying to them Non-Stop. She has never liked my kids and that’s why she always acted up and refused to go with me to pick them up or take them home. I don’t need someone like that around my kids. I am proud to say I am free and Out of Hell finally. This time I don’t care especially after what all she’s done to me and my kids. And I have pictures and messages to prove everything.

Carmela fired back (or fired first? I’m not really sure of the exact timeline.) with text message receipts! Here are those texts with Jeremiah followed by the captions for each:

Return To Amish Carmela and Jeremiah Raber divorce texts

So after paying this property myself.. With all my money jeremiahs friend brian told jeremiah be nice to me until i buy the property then get rid of me.
It stings but what can u do..
He never loved me.. ?

Return To Amish Carmela and Jeremiah Raber divorce texts part 2

Im so stupid.

Carmela’s most recent posts were two photos of herself. The first one she captioned with “This day i decided to make a change.” For the other she wrote “What the hell was i smiling for..” I’m guessing you will be able to figure out which is which:

Carmela Raber serious

Carmela Raber smiling

I hope for Carmela’s sake that she doesn’t give in to the pressure from Jeremiah and she makes sure she speaks to an attorney before signing over anything. I could say the same for Jeremiah, but I feel very confident he will be adequately looking out for his own interests.

UPDATE – Jermela’s Facebook feud continues, and the allegations reveal a “hellish relationship full of lies, mental abuse, physical violence, and alleged attempted killings. Yes, that is plural.” Click the quote for more.

It’s unclear if fans will get to see any of the Jermela divorce drama on screen as TLC has yet to announce whether or not Return To Amish will be back for another season.

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