REPORT Teen Mom stars to film Big Brother inspired special

Teen Mom Big Brother show reportedly in the works

Teen Mom 2 season 4 just wrapped filming earlier this week, and still, no word from MTV on whether or not they will renew the show for a fifth season. However, the network may have something even more exciting in store for the girls of the series as well as the cast of the original Teen Mom — a Big Brother-style special.

“Network executives are exploring having the Teen Mom stars live in a house with their mothers for a week, or more, all while cameras roll, kind of like Big Brother,” an insider reveals to Radar Online. “The special would focus on dissecting and repairing the relationships between the reality stars and their mothers. The Teen Mom‘s children would be on the premises during filming, but they wouldn’t be featured on the special.”

Also on the premises would be a relationship counselor and a psychiatrist.


The idea, as out-in-left-field as it may be, seems like something that could actually be a huge benefit for the girls — especially the ones who have been struggling with their relationships with their parents. Having so many girls with similar situations alongside them would help both them and their parents understand what they are going through a bit better than they have in the past. And a couple professionals wouldn’t hurt either.

At the same time, many of the girls are on the outs with some of their co-stars. For instance, Kail Lowry, Catelynn Lowell, and Jenelle have all slammed Farrah Abraham for her recent porn debut (Catelynn even compared Farrah to a “dying horse”), so having them all together may be a recipe for some serious drama.

UPDATE – Farrah Abraham has confirmed the report that MTV was pitching the Big Brother-esque spin-off show! But don’t get too excited because Farrah’s rep says she turned it down. Farrah spoke with Rumor Fix and stated, “I am my own person and I have a great relationship with my mom. Jenelle isn’t a mom — she doesn’t even see her child. I’m focused on business not drama — and being a wonderful mother.”

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