REPORT Farrah Abraham sought a fake boyfriend for Couples Therapy

Farrah Abraham on Shane Dawson's The Shananay Show on Youtube

Farrah Abraham has been pretty unlucky in love, but who knew she was desperate enough to turn to a pretend boyfriend? According to a new report in Hollywood Life, Abraham begged Carson Underwood, an aspiring model, to fake a relationship so they could both participate in Couples Therapy.

“She was using me more as her boyfriend and representing me to VH1 as her boyfriend,” Underwood told Hollywood Life. “I notified them and I said I don’t know where she came up with this.”

The claims seem particularly credible considering fellow Teen Mom alums Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are reportedly appearing on Couples Therapy. Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 also confirmed to us that she was approached by producers of the show.

Underwood confirmed that he met Abraham at an American Music Awards after-party in November. They exchanged some flirty texts afterward and discussed meeting up. They even took their flirtation semi-public in February with some tweets, which resulted in articles about their relationship.

Carson Underwood

Despite tweeting about meeting up in Los Angeles, Underwood told Hollywood Life that they never followed through. Instead, he said she became possessive by mid-winter.

“She had almost borderline psychotic episodes,” he claimed. ” She said ‘Are you single? Would you be interested in dating me?’ and I told her, ‘you know when you came out here, we would do dinner, drinks.’ But she didn’t like that.”

Underwood also shared screenshots of some of their text exchanges. In one instance, Abraham asked if Underwood could Photoshop an image of them together for her to submit to producers.

It’s not entirely clear how willing Underwood was to go along with the plot. After all, he would have gained some publicity, which could help his professional aspirations. (In situations such as these, it generally helps to have a bit of skepticism toward “aspiring” entertainers.)

Either way, Underwood claims to have backed out of the arrangement on March 17… Just before Abraham was arrested for a DUI in Omaha.

Although Underwood said he hopes things will work out for Abraham, he is slightly bitter about how everything unfolded.

“I will say that it’s unfortunate someone would ever attempt to exploit my image and/or damage my credibility only to try and pacify me with a five figure contract to extend their fame,” Underwood wrote on Facebook.

With a book, music single and variety of products, Abraham is certainly skilled at extending her Teen Mom fame.

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