Catelynn Lowell has no current plans to marry ‘soul mate’ Tyler Baltierra

The original Teen Moms brought the house with the show’s greatest premiere numbers last week. Tonight we’ll see how the stories progress and if the momentum keeps up.

The only couple on either of the Teen Mom shows to have chosen adoption for their child are Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. It’s my opinion that their story is extremely compelling and a great counterpoint that demonstrates how a young couple looks to deal with all the difficult emotions and stresses which accompany that most difficult and often highly-responsible decision. Catelynn sat down with TV Guide as part of the promotion for Season 3 and discussed where her life and thoughts are now as the show has exploded back on TV.

She was asked if the decision to give up her baby Carly has become easier to cope with over time. Her answer was somewhat surprising as she told TV Guide that, “Honestly, yes, it does get easier.” She adds that she still has very hard days but they’re not comparable in comparison to the initial time documented back on her episode of 16 & Pregnant . Of course she couldn’t avoid questions about her often volatile relationship with her mother:

“Me and my mom are definitely still a work in progress. We talk more because we’re trying to get our communication better with each other, but it’s still a little rocky. “

From here on out the discussion moved mainly to her relationship with baby-daddy Tyler. Catelynn explained that communication was the key to their success and she reiterated, as she often has, that Tyler is her soul mate. She added that their success following adoption actually defies the odds because studies have proven that couples who go through adoption are less likely to last. Then she made the following sweet comment that reminds me why I’m such a Tyler fan:

“Tyler told me that when I had Carly and he saw me with her in the hospital room that was the first day he fell in love with me.”

As for marriage, well the two seem to have their priorities straight as they have a long-term plan to finish college first and then make that big step.

You know many of our devoted readers argue that Catelynn and Tyler shouldn’t be on Teen Mom because they’re not raising Carly but I couldn’t disagree more. They are showing what life is like when you decide to give your baby up for adoption and what that means as you move forward into adulthood. In addition I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that the two seem to have the most stable and encouraging relationship among all the Teen Moms including the four ladies from TM2.

You can catch the rest of her interview including which co-star she gets along with the best and her career plans here. Also make sure to tune into an adoption special featuring Dr. Drew that will air directly after episode 2 of Teen Mom that will include Catelynn, Tyler and Carly!

Poll time: So what do you think, should Catelynn and Tyler’s story still be a part of Teen Mom in light of the fact that they have chosen to go the adoption route?