REPORT Adam Lind received 50/50 custody of daughter Paislee

Adam Lind Daughter Paislee

In a preview for this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska seems frustrated when would-be ally Taylor Halbur second-guesses her custody battle with Adam Lind. According to a new report, Taylor eventually conceded to Adam’s requests and settled their argument out of court.

Teen Mom Junkies reports that Adam claimed something startling at the recent reunion show and on Facebook: namely, that he has 50/50 custody of Paislee with Taylor. There is, however, some question about their exact agreement. As Taylor told a fan on Twitter today, “[Adam] has every other weekend, one night a week.” The tweet indicates that she may have granted Adam legal custody, but not an equal share of physical custody.

Adam Lind and Paislee

Regardless of the particulars, an insider said Chelsea isn’t pleased.

“Chelsea thinks that Adam and Taylor are still on and off the way Chelsea and Adam used to be. That’s why she thinks Taylor ended up settling. Adam says that isn’t true,” the source said. “He claims to have a good co-parenting relationship with Taylor and her boyfriend. He even thinks Cole is a great guy!” (Taylor and her boyfriend recently celebrated their first anniversary.)

The good news for Chelsea is that she doesn’t need Taylor’s support to make a convincing case against Adam. During Chelsea and Adam’s last court meeting, the judge denied his request for unsupervised visitation and for the right to drive with Aubree in the car. The judge agreed to reconsider in September, but a source close to Chelsea said she isn’t worried.

Taylor and Chelsea’s custody battles play out on this season of Teen Mom 2, airing on MTV on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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