PHOTOS Lala Kent shades her own makeup at Pump Rules Reunion

Lala Kent Pump Rules Reunion makeup

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent found herself without the need of sunscreen during last night’s Reunion, as the internet completely shaded her for a what it deemed to be a hatchet makeup job. But, instead of trying to fight the shade, Lala poured herself a tall glass of social media iced tea and toasted the haters by admitting perhaps her makeup game wasn’t exactly on fleek with a hilarious illustrated selfie:

Lala Kent makeup Reunion cartoon

Lala shared the cartoonish photo above on Instagram and humbly captioned it with: “I think we channeled the makeup quite well? but for real – I can’t slay the whole game all the time? enjoy the reunion, y’all? #pumprules”

Here are a couple of side-by-side photos for comparison:

Lala Kent makeup Vanderpump Rules Reunion side-by-side photos

And for those serious makeup analysts out there, or perhaps cosmetology instructors looking to teach a class based on Lala’s Reunion look, here is a photo of Lala with her eyes closed:

Lala Kent makeup eyes closed

Reading through the comments on Lala’s post about all of the bad decisions that went into her ill-fated look, I realized why I am not a makeup artist. I thought she looked great. Heck, I would even say she looked good enough to pay to come to Italy with me!

Speaking of paying Lala to go to Italy… (My segue game is about as strong ad Lala’s makeup game.) Andy talked with Lala about the perception that she was allowing men to pay for her company on trips around the globe:

ANDY: Lala, how many times have rich guys flown you to exotic places?
LALA: I’ve lost count.
ANDY: Really?!
LALA: Yeah. I’ve never slept with any of them.

ANDY: So what do you do?
LALA: We just go with a bunch of friends and have fun. I mean, I don’t see what the big deal is. No one’s spread– well, I’m not spreading my legs.

ANDY: The implication was that you were banging an older guy for a trip to Italy.
LALA: Right.

ANDY: How did you respond to that?
LALA: I definitely — watching it, I see how it looks.

In addition to her free (and bang-free) trip to Italy, Lala also talked about her rookie season on Vanderpump Rules. “It’s intimidating coming into a group like this,” she confessed. Of course, part of that might have been working in general, not just working at Sur. “I had never had a real job before I moved out here,” the Utah native revealed.

Andy also asked Lala and Jax about their flirtatious behavior, despite that fact hat Jax was seeing Brittany Cartwright at the time. Jax is the first to admit that he was clearly flirting with Lala, as the rest of the cast members shook their heads. Andy asked Lala what she thought Jax’s relationship status was at the time, and she said she was led to believe he was single.
No surprise there.

Did you miss Part One of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion? You can watch it online now at! Part Two of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion airs Monday night at 9/8c on Bravo.

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