PUMP RULES Stassi Schroeder single and loving it, but Million Dollar Matchmaker might be in her future

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With Stassi Schroeder single following her tumultuous split from long-time boyfriend Patrick Meagher, should #PumpRules fans expect to see her on the arm of someone new anytime soon? The famously attachment-centric Stassi recently dished on her relationship ambitions–and teased a possible new project, once Vanderpump Rules Season 5 wraps. In an interview with People, Stassi confessed that she’s enjoying flying solo much more than she expected, partly because, for her, it’s kind of a new thing.

“I mean, I’m dating,” Stassi told the magazine. But, to her surprise, being uncoupled definitely has its advantages: “Actually, being single’s been a lot of fun,” she confirmed. “So I’ve had a really good time. I’m, like, actively trying not to do what I normally do, which is just jump right into a relationship.

“I actually didn’t know how independent I was,” Stassi went on. “And, like, that’s been really cool. When you’re just along all the time, you really do learn that you can handle sh!t.”

So, Vanderpump Rules fans might get to see a new fling or two during the just-begun Season 5 shenanigans. And Stassi might be keeping the cameras on her own personal dating game when they’ve come to a close, as a recent Twitter exchange with Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker herself, recently revealed:

In the meantime, #PumpRules Season 5 airs Monday nights at 9 PM EST on Bravo.

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