Princeton Review names top party school

Iowa #1 party school

The Princeton Review has released their annual list of school rankings and the hardest partying college of the land is the… University of Iowa!

The rankings are based on a nationwide survey of 126,000 students. The schools that round out the top 5 are 2) the University of California, Santa Barbara; 3) the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 4) West Virginia University and 5) Syracuse University.

Last year Iowa ranked 2nd and this ain’t necessarily the kind of list that school officials are proud to be on. UI spokesman Tom Moore debunked the list in what he called a  “complete lack of objective, scientific methodology.” This is often the battle cry of administrators when their schools make the partayyyy list.

Rob Franek, the Princeton Review’s senior vice president and publisher, explained and defended their results this way:

“But the truth is that we base all of our rankings, all of the narrative, it doesn’t change school-to-school. It is based completely on that student opinion. So we’re really in many ways the messengers here from that 126,000 current students rating anonymously their experiences with the schools.”

So as far as the college kids polled, there ain’t no party like a Hawkeyes party!

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