BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Nicole weight loss update: shed 14 pounds in 18 days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Nicole Nafziger recently announced that she is focused on living healthier, and apparently she is fully committed because she has already shed 14 pounds in just 18 days!

Nicole, who has been updating throughout her healthy lifestyle overhaul on Instagram, shared before-and-after photos of her scale, which reveal she has gone from 292.6 pounds on October 20 to 278.6 pounds when she weighed in today. “First, I want to say I don’t feel obligated to post this, I want to,” Nicole began her caption. “I am down -14 pounds in 18 days. It feels so good to see that number go down.”

She reveals that it was nearing the 300-pound mark that was the spark that finally lit the fire in her to change. “Being overweight, one of my fears was to one day go over 300 lbs,” she reveals. “I never wanted to hit that number. My highest weight went up to 296. That was it, I had enough. I was ready for a change. So I started this weight loss journey I’m on now and it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my health.”

Nicole gives a lot of credit for her success so far to DietBet, which essentially involves putting money into a “pot” with one or more other people. After four weeks, all of those in your group who managed to lose 4% of their body weight or more split the pot! (Minus DietBet’s fees, which their terms say range from 10% – 25% depending on the size of the pot.) It’s almost literally putting your money where your mouth is, which can most certainly be a great motivator!

More from Nicole on DietBet:

I started my first dietbet with @fatgirlfedup Oct 20th 2018. Based on my starting weight I had a 4% weight loss goal of 11.7 pounds or to weight 280.9. I am so happy that I have reached my short term goal 4 days before the DietBet is over and I’m still going! For me this dietbet has been so motivating to hit that goal and win! I win for me and I win a little extra cash! The official weigh-outs haven’t happened yet so I’m not sure how much I’ll win but I’m excited and ready for my next dietbet!

I am guessing that Nicole has a paid partnership with DietBet, but this is not like those laxative teas or whatever because the DietBet concept is completely straight forward — you essentially set money aside with a chance to win even more back if you meet your weight loss goals. Money is a very effective motivator, and in Nicole’s case, the proof is in the lack of pudding so to speak. 😉

Nicole first officially announced her current weight loss journey back on October 23 with a selfie and motivated message:

This is my Instagram fitness post ? I want to be healthy for ME. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself. But being bigger you aren’t always comfortable in your own clothes. I’m ready for a change. I have posted about me trying to get healthy on and off even before being on the show. It’s something I have struggled with. This time I want it to be for sure thing. I know that if I fall off again that I just have to get right back on it and stay focused! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

One of the things I’m doing to stay focus and accountable is doing @fatgirlfedup fall DietBet! This is my first diet bet and I’m gunna see how it works out for me! Let’s get to it!

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As I mentioned previously, Nicole has been posting throughout her weight loss journey, including numerous Q&A sessions with her followers. I’ve always been amazed at how positive she seems to be when fans of the show have been less than kind to her, and she has continued that positivity for the last four weeks. As a matter of fact, she might even be MORE positive given her excitement over the success that she has had!

I’ve collected together a sampling of some of her questions and answers with fans, including lots of questions about her specific method for losing weight (as far as diet and exercise) as well as Azan’s reaction and level of support. But, before I get to that, I wanted to make sure to say CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE! I think it’s wonderful that she is focused on living healthier, both for her and for her daughter May! I know I will continue to follow along on Instagram, and I encourage all of you to do the same.

OK, some questions and answers with Nicole starting with an overview:

NICOLE: As for MY health/fitness journey: I have started with just walking on my treadmill to get up my endurance and strength(which I’m happy to report is going well). I want to get into more and different exercises down the road. For my “diet” it’s a little odd but it’s working for me. So basically I eat granola bars in the morning and afternoon time I make my smoothie. For dinner I like to make a healthy dinner to finish the day. It I want a snack I’ll go for some fruit, usually grapes.

QUESTION: How do you find the motivation?? You inspire me!! I just had twins so I’m exhausted lol

NICOLE: I have found that DietBet has really been motivating to me! Having a short term goal and a deadline has helped me so much. I know after this one ends I’m gunna be signing up for the next! Also honestly the way I feel everyday. Before my stomach hurt almost all the time and I never felt comfortable. Now I wake up feeling great!

QUESTION: Do you eat veggies or is it still hard for you?

NICOLE: I have been eating more veggies and learning how to cook them to make them have more flavor with a the nutrients. I try to add in veggie to my meals. I’m learning ?

QUESTION: How do you stay focused and do you have any cheat meals?

NICOLE: I use to have cheat meals but I try not to anymore. The last two times I went out to eat I made the healthier choice in meal(1 don’t go out to eat much anymore). I stay focused because I love how I feel now! When I did have a cheat meal or snack or something, I had the worst stomach ache right after eating it! I felt terrible! I don’t want to feel like that. I like feeling good. I like being comfortable in my skin!

QUESTION: How many calories do you eat during the day?

NICOLE: I DO NOT count calories. I use all the knowledge I have gained from all the times I tried going healthy(From keto to doing a vegan diet) to kinda do my own thing. I am still learning so I don’t know everything and don’t claim to! But I’m doing what works for me. ?

QUESTION: How much weight are you hoping to lose?

NICOLE: Honestly my overall goal weight is 175. Idk what an ideal weight is for my age and height but that’s what I chose.

QUESTION: How long do you run on the treadmill each day?

NICOLE: I walk 5 days a week for 30 min keeping my heart rate.

QUESTION: Do you add ice to you’re protein shakes?

NICOLE: Not anymore! I add a whole frozen banana that I prep days before! I’ll prep 3 or 4 bananas at a time and put them sliced in individual bags so it’s ready for blending!

QUESTION: Is Azan supportive of your weight loss journey?

NICOLE: Yes! He is so supportive and so sweet in my daily changes! I love going to him and telling him my new weight or how something fits differently. He also is so great at giving me tips and tricks with my healthy lifestyle and foods! ❤️?‍❤️‍?‍?

QUESTION: Did you have gastric sleeve or bypass surgery at all?

NICOLE: I DID NOT. I do not think there is anything wrong with it though! So many people have thrived with it! I support any effort to make your life healthy!

QUESTION: Do you use any apps to track calories etc?

NICOLE: I DO NOT track calories. I DO use @fitbit! More then tracking my steps I love that it tracks my sleep, the days I work out and my heart rate during it, water intake, and I log my weight in there!

QUESTION: Why don’t you try weightlifting or going to a gym? Sometimes cardio isn’t really enough.

NICOLE: Right now I am focusing on cardio because I feel in the beginning it is good. It helps me build up my stamina. I don’t go to gym because I don’t have a membership and don’t feel I need one at the moment. Probably in the future. ?

QUESTION: How do you curb nighttime cravings?!

NICOLE: Sometimes I’ll try and crib them by drinking tea with one stevia. Or if I really want something I’ll eat grapes or you could do any kind of berry. That way I won’t eat a bad snack instead.

QUESTION: How do you push yourself everyday? What is your motivation????

NICOLE: My motivation is how good I feel when I eat better! And it really helps that I’m doing this DietBet! Who doesn’t like the motivation of winning a little extra cash?

QUESTION: What was your breaking point, that lead to this journey?

NICOLE: Almost hitting a certain number on the scale.

QUESTION: Are you doing this for yourself or Azan?

NICOLE: For my self of course. If it was for him I would have started a long time ago. Contrary to popular belief Hassan (Azan) loves me the way I am and always will (his words). He only wants me to be healthy. What do you expect from a fitness trainer? Haha. I have said to him just thinking out loud that when I lose a lot of weight that I’ll be sexy looking and he said you already are. He’s my supporter ❤️

QUESTION: How proud is Azan if your journey?

NICOLE: He tells me everyday how proud he is of me for doing this and sticking to it. He knows how many times I’ve tried getting healthy and he supports me all the way. ❤️

QUESTION: How did you start? I get so overwhelmed.

NICOLE: I started slow! Maybe not the best, but I started eating just granola bars in the morning and eating dinner. Also walking 30 min a day. Slowly I [started] changing and modifying what I do to fit what I need and my lifestyle. Adding shakes and cooking once a night. Cooking big batches and eating over a few days. I didn’t try to do everything at once and not know where to start. This time was different. The slow pace has helped me find what has worked and I’m still learning!

QUESTION: You think you can conquer that damn dune now?

NICOLE: I gunna make it one of my goals to go back to the Sahara and climb up that sand dune. I’m ready for it. In the future I’ll be even more ready!

QUESTION: Are you doing a low carb or keto diet, or lowering just calories intake?

NICOLE: I’m not doing any of those things. I am eating healthier. I am loosely following @21daymealplan. I am walking 30 min a day. I eat chicken, turkey, and fish. I try to add my veggies every dinner. I drink a smoothie in the morning, skip lunch and have a granola bar and make a good healthy dinner. One serving of a protein that I eat and then veggies. Or a healthier version of a food I’ve eaten before like the goulash I have made a few days ago. I use brown rice noodles. This paragraph was kind of all over the place but I hope this help answer.

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