PHOTOS Who wants to ‘floor flash’ with Courtney Stodden?

Floor Flash Courtney Stodden

Teen bride Courtney Stodden has sent a challenge out to all of her Twitter followers to get down and dirty with a little “floor flashing.”

While Courtney’s Twitter page may be my favorite of all time with gems like, “As flames of desire sensuously circle around the tub and weightless bubbles become candy clouds, I step my bare body into a delicious dream” and “Soakin up my bikini bod in a very heated hot tub overlooking LA as my charming new guard flauntingly feeds me chocolate dipped strawberries,” I’m not sure if it’s the best place to try and launch the latest fad ala “planking.”

Here is Court-Court’s tweet that was accompanied by the photo above for an example of “floor flashing.”

This latest Stodden gem only defends a position I’ve privately held but will now reveal to you. I think it’s possible that Courtney’s Twitter page is ran by her husband Doug, that this impossibly over-sexualized masterpiece is a Dortney production. I know you’re probably “shocked” at the thought (not really) but can’t you just see Doug throwing this out there just so he can check out the floor flashing submitters for approval?

As of this post one person has managed to make it through this editorial process for a Stodden retweet. Here is @burned_rose getting her floor flash on:

First Floor Flash retweeted by Courtney Stodden

I’m not sure if floor flashing is going to get off the ground but I do believe Doug will have some fun with the few who dare submit their own renditions.

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