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Aja MetoyerDwyane Wade's baby mama Aja Metoyer photo from Twitter

It was just recently confirmed that NBA player Dwyane Wade had a son towards the beginning of last month, just weeks before he proposed to his now-fiancee Gabrielle Union. Earlier today TMZ published his son’s birth certificate which revealed Dwyane Wade’s baby mama to be Aja Metoyer (above), a 30-year-old mother of two three.

Xavier Zechariah Wade was born November 10, 2013 at 7:03AM at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Although Dwyane Wade is not listed as the father on the birth certificate, Aja obviously gave a nod to Xavier’s dad by giving him the same last name.

Dwyane Wade's girlfriend Aja Metoyer photo

As you might imagine, Aja Metoyer has all but vanished from the internet. She used to have active social media accounts, but they are not either deleted, made private, or edited down to pretty much nothing. (Her Twitter account now just shows 2 tweets, although cached internet searches reveal many more.)

Aja Metoyer is no stranger to giving birth to the offspring of famous men as TMZ reveals her two other children, daughters Amara and Aniya, both belong to Damon Wayans, Jr. — son of comedian and actor Damon Wayans, just in case you needed me to clarify. (You can read up on a contentious court appearance with Aja and Damon Jr. from back in January of 2011 here.)

Mother of Dwyane Wade's son Xavier Aja MetoyerAja Metoyer photo

Aja’s family is no stranger to letting NBA players “drive the lane” and “double dribble” so to speak as her sister Cristen Metoyer (she often goes by Crissy) is the mother of NBA star Joe Crawford’s daughter!

And speaking of Aja’s siblings, her other sister Melissa provided the world with the first public photo of Aja Metoyer and Dwyane Wade’s son Xavier with this instagram photo posted on November 22 along with the caption, “My new obsession 🙂 obsessed with my nieces and now my 1st nephew:”

Dwyane Wade's son Xavier photo

In addition to Melissa, pop Dwyane Wade has also had a chance to see Xavier. The NBA star said in a press conference Monday, “I got a chance to see him,” and then added, “I’m involved in my kids’ lives, you know. When my kids lived at home with me, when they weren’t living at home with me, I tried to do everything I could to see them.”

Dwyane’s commitment to family was on display back in May of 2010 when he honored Mothers’ Day by tweeting his admiration for some “strong women” including Aja Metoyer!

Dwyane Wade tweet to Aja Metoyer Happy mothers day 2 all u Strong WomenRT @MiO_MyO @ajametoyer @akiratorii  @HoneyChild305 @LISALEEINC @MsLaurenLondon

Sticking by his “on a break” story, Dwyane added about Xavier’s birth, “In our time apart, in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son who was born healthy.”

When asked if the birth of Xavier was a contradiction to what he wrote in his book Father first, “It would compromise it if I wasn’t a father first,” Wade said. “This is something obviously private for my family that we will continue to deal with as a family. But we have a blessing, too, to the bloodline, the Wade bloodline. From that standpoint, to me, it doesn’t state anything differently than what I’ve always shown.”

Dwayne Wade baby mama Aja MetoyerDwyane Wade baby momma Aja Metoyer Twitter photo @AjaMetoyer

Dwyane added, “I’m in the public eye, so obviously that’s a part of it. It comes with the territory. But, it’s kind of … as I’ve always done my whole life … is always focus on what’s most important to me and my family, and that’s being a great father. I’ve always tried to show my importance in my kids’ lives and it doesn’t change now.”

As far as Aja Metoyer photos, some diligent researchers over at Lipstick Alley turned up these alleged pics of her, including one in which she looks to have a baby bump:

Aja Metoyer baby bump photo

Aja Metoyer photo possibly

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