Jesse James’ alledged mistress Michelle Bombshell McGee goes by stripper name “Avery,” has two kids

Michelle Bombshell Mcgee

The woman who rocked Sandra Bullock’s world yesterday in a tell-all InTouch Weekly interview not only is a tattoo model, an adult web chat girl, and a runaway with a Amish background, but she also goes by the stripper name Avery at San Diego’s Pure Platinum Kerany Mesa Club, but hasn’t shown up to work lately.

Bombshell is featured prominently in Platinum’s constantly played promotional video, where she’s labeled as “Avery.”

She’s worked at at least one other Sand Deigo Platinum club and was fired from Larry Flint’s Hustler Club, an employee told Radar Online, though they didn’t reveal the reasons behind the termination.

She’s also the mother of two young children, says a former landlord.

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