PHOTOS VIDEO Kail Lowry in Puerto Rico just before Javi’s return from deployment

Kail Lowry bikini Puerto Rico 2016

Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin will be home from his deployment “soon,” but it could be that Kail Lowry and his son Lincoln won’t be there to greet them because they are currently enjoying a vacation in Puerto Rico! And they’re not the only ones enjoying themselves as Kail shared a couple of Snapchat videos featuring a neighbor couple getting wild and crazy in front of their window!

Kail posted the bikini photo above on Instagram and Snapchat captioning it simply “Puerto Rico! #summer16.” But, as usual, it was one of Kail’s boys who stole the social media show in her feed. This time it was Isaac, who can be seen in this brief video clip pushing his little bother Lincoln through the airport (I assume) with a very succinct explanation of where they’re headed and why:


A video posted by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

“We’re going to Puerto Rico to see all my people,” a rushing Isaac explains.

Once in Puerto Rico, things really heated up…across the way through a neighbor’s window! Kail shared a couple giggly Snapchat videos of a couple getting muy loco in what appears to be their bedroom:

Kail Lowry Snapchat neighbors sex dance

“What is happening over there?” Kail asks in her Snapchat caption, unsure if it is some sort of crazy dance or perhaps something a little more x-rated. (Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Dani Mathers incident, although the people in Kail’s video were just silhouettes.)

Meanwhile, Javi continues to tease his imminent return from his six-month deployment with the Air Force. Just yesterday he tweeted “Get me home ???? so soon” before lamenting that his roommate gets to head home before him. “My roommate leaves before me man,” Javi tweeted. “I spent the last 6 months doing everything with this dude. Work. Bfast, lunch, and dinner. Homie forever.”

Javi also shared an appreciative tweet for all of his Instagram followers. “Wow, 1 million on ig,” he wrote. “Thank you all for the kind words throughout the years. Y’all always have my back.” (You might recall that Javi lost his original Twitter account at some point over the past few months.)

It is unclear just how long Kail will be in Puerto Rico, and it is also unclear exactly when Javi will be home, but I can only assume that, despite their differences, Lincoln (and Isaac) will be there when Javi arrives. I can also only assume that the MTV camera crew will be there as well.

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