PHOTOS Buckwild, Teen Mom2 and Myrtle Manor cast members connected in alleged assault

Buckwild, Teen Mom 2 and Myrtle Manor cast members Kat Scholato Anna Davis Jenelle Evans Taylor Burt involved in alleged assault

In what could be the biggest off-screen reality show crossover incident in history, an alleged brutal assault is at the center of a story involving cast members from Buckwild, Teen Mom 2 and Welcome To Myrtle Manor! The story broke when Kat Scholato, the girlfriend of Welcome To Myrtle Manor‘s Taylor J. Burt, tweeted two photos at us and TMZ in which she has a black eye as well as numerous bruises and abrasions on her face. “I just want you to see what kind of person Anna from MTVs Buckwild is,” Kat wrote with one of the photos. “She gets drunk and does this.”

Here are the graphic photos:

Kat Scholato alleged Buckwild's Anna Davis attacked her. Facial bruises and black eye

Buckwild Anna Davis alleged attack on Kat Scholato photo

We reached out to Kat via direct message, but meanwhile Jenelle Evans responded to Kat’s tweets with a tweet of her own: “hey starcasm, I’m about to message u with the real story.” We’ll get to what she told us in a second. Before that, here are some of the heated Twitter exchanges between Jenelle and Kat:

Jenelle Evans and Kat Sholato tweet about alleged Anna Davis attack
Jenelle Evans Kat Sholato tweets

To set the stage, Buckwild cast members Anna Davis and Shae Bradley have left the Mountaineer State of West Virginia and are currently living in or around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From what we understand, Anna was sharing a house with Taylor when she began working with Kat at Dr. Ink Tattoos and Piercing. Kat moved in and began dating Taylor — which came first is unclear. Anna had a falling out with Kat (to say the least) and she moved out of that house and in with Jenelle and boyfriend Nathan Griffith, where she plans to stay for a month before getting a place with her former Buckwild cast mate Shae Bradley.

As mentioned above, we have reached out to Kat for her side of the story, but have not gotten a response. Taylor tells us he wasn’t present when the alleged incident occurred. Meanwhile, Anna has declined comment as well.

We did speak with Jenelle, who filled us in on the background information on Anna and Kat. Jenelle was with Anna at the time we talked, and in deference to her friend, she declined to go into details about the actual incident.

Buckwild's Anna Davis and Kat Scholato together

Whatever did go down between Kat and Anna (seen together in the photo above posted to instagram on March 13), it appears to have been more than a couple of days ago. On Tuesday evening Kat posted a light-hearted message about her injuries on Facebook. “I kinda look really rock and roll with a black eye. I ain’t mad,” she wrote. After some shocked reactions and messages of support, Kat added, “Thank you for all the support love yall so much. I guess it’s good I’ve just not mentioned the drunk lunatics name haha. It’s nice to know people who never met me have such nice and supportive things to say to me when I’m really down means more than yall will ever know!”

And as far as Kat and Taylor’s relationship, Kat referenced that in a lengthy Facebook post she made yesterday:

I just want to thank all of yall who have been so supportive of me, whether it be this week, or this entire year. My life changed drastically when I first started dating someone in the public eye and I had to really adjust to a lifestyle I was unfamiliar with. Every one I’ve met through social media and his fans in particular put what they saw on TV aside and gave me the chance to show I too could be a person they welcomed into their lives even if I wasn’t the red head chick they saw on their screens. A lot of you I’ve never met and you have welcomed me and supported me with open arms. The comments a lot of you have made this weekend in defense of me have really touched my heart. I love yall!

When a commenter, whom I assume is Kat’s mother, asked how she was feeling, Kat responded by writing, “love you, mama. I’m okay today! Taylor and I had a good day and my kitten is amazing so I couldn’t be anything other than happy.”

I’m guessing something happened between that post and when she tweeted the images above.

Obviously, if we hear more about what happened between Anna and Kat we will share it with you.

UPDATE – A Twitter user responded to Kat’s photo with the tweet, “just a question but if you got beat up, aren’t you suppose to go report it or the hospital?” Kat responded with, “police were called. No self defense law in SC.”

UPDATE – Anna Davis has since shared her side of the story with Teen Mom Truth. Here is an excerpt on their report on the initial fight that caused Kat’s black eye:

The fight started several days ago when Anna was at home where she was residing with Kat and her boyfriend Taylor Burt who is the star of Welcome to Myrtle Manor. The three were hanging out, as roommates do, and having a few drinks. Quickly, things got heated when they started bickering over typical roommate stuff like who picks up what, and who doesn’t do enough. Before the bickering ended, both girls were involved in a knock down drag out fight, swinging and taking hits at each other.

Anna_Davis_Kat_Scholato_togetherUltimately, Anna obviously was the successful one, and left this black eye on Kat.

The next day Anna returned to the house to apologize, but things didn’t go well, so Anna decided to pack up her things and move out. While packing, another altercation occurred, which was broken up by Taylor. At this point, the site says “Taylor placed Kat in a closet, so that the two could be separated, and Anna could get her belongings.”

Anna did get her belongings and proceeded to move in with Jenelle. After that all sorts of drama took place with Kat reportedly sharing a version of the story that didn’t line up with Anna’s, eventually leading to Kat tweeting the photos to us and TMZ.

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