PHOTOS Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is back home from rehab

Jenelle Evans returns to Oak Island, North Carolina after 30 days in rehab

It’s been 30 days since Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans checked herself into a Malibu, California rehab facility, and the (previously?) troubled teen looked great as she ran errands in and around her hometown of Oak Island, North Carolina Wednesday.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans runs errands after returning from her rehab stint in California

It was obvious from her Twitter and Facebook posts Jenelle was a bit anxious to get home and see her son Jace, like this tweet from way back on May 27:

holy sh!t i got lotssss of followers on here. :] thanksss guyssss. coming back home to NC verrrrry soon. cant wait to get back to my lil man

Then, on Monday, Jenelle seemed to be channeling her co-Californian Rebecca Black when she posted on Facebook:

omg omg omg omg omg SO EXCITED. 😀

And then confirmation that she was home and hanging with her lil dude earlier today:

hahahahahahahahahahaha, jace keeps shutting off the tv on my mom

And speaking of her lil dude, Jace is getting less “lil” by the day! Check out this photo of him hamming it up for the paparazzi:

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans carries her son Jace as he waves to the paparazzi

Is it just me or should Bentley and Jace start hangin’ out together? they seem like a couple of really fun and laid back cats who would really hit it off together – maybe stroll down to the beach, pop some juice boxes and impress the little ladies with some ginormous sand castle-age. You know, take a break from all that teen momma drama and get some manly he-laxation time!

I digress. I wanted to officially welcome Jenelle back home on behalf of and let her know once more that we realize it took a lot of strength and courage to get on that jet plane and check herself into rehab. It sounds like her time there went well and we hope it marks a turnaround for her and soon we’ll all be talking about her headline grabbing antics in the past tense with our heads shaking, “Remember the old Jenelle when she beat up that…”

Anyways, just know Jenelle that the staff here are all wearing our “Team Jenelle” shirts and we’ve all got our fingers crossed!

Photos: Brandon Todd / Splash News