Jailed Teen Mom Amber Portwood not evicted from vacated home

Teen Mom Amber Portwood appeared before a judge yesterday in regards to whether or not she was going to be legally evicted from a home that no longer houses any of her personal items. The judge decided since she was already in the process of moving out prior to going to jail, where she still remains, that she will not be evicted.

I am sure Amber is glad to know that she is not evicted from the house in which she’s already moved all of her belongings out of and which she can’t live in because she’s in jail.

I understand that this is probably relevant in regards to how much Amber will have to pay the owner but sometimes I wonder about our court system.

The property owner, Asbury Glen Homes, is now responsible for full control of the home. There’s another court date set for March 14 that will deal with what money is owed.

As for the case that actually matters to Amber, you know the one about her probation violations and being in jail, the last scheduled date I had on that for a hearing is February 6.

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