PHOTOS Maria Menounos attacked in New York City: I heard an explosion and I started screaming

Maria Menounos October 2014

Maria Menounos and a few of her assistants had a serious scare in New York City on Thursday when someone threw a tire iron through the back window of their car during a traffic jam.

“It really felt like something out of a movie,” the reporter told her employer, E! News. “I heard an explosion and I started screaming, ‘Everyone down, we’re being shot at. Everyone down!'”

Maria’s makeup artist was covered in pieces of glass. Fortunately, he and everyone else was ok — if not very spooked, especially when they realized someone had thrown a tire iron through the window.


This is what they used!!! This is so crazy!!! We are all freaked out

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Maria said she believes the assailant planned to rob them, but likely ran off after realizing a police car was near. She doesn’t know whether their car was targeted for any particular reason.

After the initial scare, Maria and her crew were able to have a good laugh about the incident when their driver said nothing like that has happened to him during his 10 years of driving — even when he’s chauffeured Snoop Dogg.

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