Straight from the hooker’s mouth: Infamous Spitzer escort Ashley Dupre writing advice column for NY Post

Ashley Dupre - Relationship advice column

Image Source: Fame Pictures

Eliot Spitzer’s famed call girl Ashley Dupre is available to ask all your sex and relationship questions, via the NY Post. It’s a bold move that will probably work, especially with the help of those who are shocked and offended by the choice.

The former high-end escort kicked off her first column Sunday, December 13 answering a list of broad questions involving how to tell if your daughter is headed for trouble, signs a man is unhappy with a marriage, and whether or not all girls like porn. Dupre’s first shot at advice is actually pretty good, especially her answer to the first question: How do I know if my daughter may be getting into trouble? She addresses the delicate state of being an adolescent girl, and how a parent’s best bet to prevent their daughter from “getting into trouble” is to set clear boundaries, educate them about alcohol and sex instead of forbidding certain actions with little information, and resist the urge to control their daughter too much. Dupre came from an overly controlling household, which actually inspired her to rebel and go down a dangerous path.

As she continues, hopefully the questions she answers will before more specific, and the slight awkwardness of her first try will smooth out. All in all, her column was entertaining to read and contained some useful insights that could definitely help some of the people who’re reading  strictly because of her infamous reputation. Put your delicate sensibilities aside and give the woman a listen. The workers in the oldest profession might have a more honest insight on some of the struggle of life than others, and often the best insights are simple things we’ve forgotten or taken for granted.

About men Dupre says:

Guys are so easy to please and I don’t just mean sexually. We all need to feel loved and appreciated.