Catelynn Lowell opens up about lying problem on Couples Therapy


Tonight’s episode of Couple’s Therapy is all about “rock bottoms” in the relationships, and Teen Mom’s Catelynn and Tyler said their was not even a year ago, and centered around Catelynn’s lying habit.

“I had a lot of issues with lying, and so that was really hard. We were struggling a lot because Tyler hates liars. . . I was lying about a relationship that I had in my past.” In 2010 Catelynn’s lying about a past relationship, and Tyler’s trust issue were a story line on Teen Mom.

She opened up to MTV at that time: “It might sound stupid, but I lied about sleeping with my ex and texting him because I was scared of hurting Tyler. I learned the hard way that lying doesn’t work because it only hurt him more. I eventually decided to tell Tyler the truth because he is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life. I thought about the stuff I was hiding every day, and it was eating me alive. I didn’t want to think about it anymore.”

Since this happened several years ago, and Couples Therapy was taped just a few months ago, does this mean there was another similar incident between the two of them?

Tyler elaborated on Catelynn’s lying, tying it to her upbringing, “From day one, she was born and raised to lie.” Catelynn explained, “My mom would make me lie to her, so growing up I just thought of whatever I could say to make somebody happy.”

With Dr. Jenn they got down to the root of Catelynn’s lying and connected people pleasing issue: a fear of abandonment. “I’ve been abandoned a lot in my life, with like, my mom. I was fourteen when she kicked me out in the streets.”

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