PHOTOS Lala Kent rocks bare chested Tupac swimsuit at Rehab Beach Club

Lala Kent Tupac swimsuit with bare man chest

Vanderpump Rules starlet Lala Kent is quickly climbing my ladder of favorite reality stars! Just one week after Lala dropped some brash humility by basking in the shade thrown at her over her unfortunate makeup at the Reunion show, she hosted a Rehab Beach Club Spring Break bash earlier today wearing a gender-bending nude Tupac chested swimsuit that had me doing a HUGE double-take!

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I think Lala’s swimsuit makes a bold statement about the silliness of male versus female nipple exposure acceptance in our culture. Granted, it’s basically just a slightly different take on last year’s male nipple meme in protest of Instagram’s double standards, but that doesn’t take away from the inherent truth of the contradiction being highlighted. (That being said, she will probably be getting a lot of backlash for lightening Tupac’s skin tone.)

On a separate note, I’m a guy and I’ll be damned if Lala doesn’t have me drooling over Tupac’s chest! I suppose I should be glad she didn’t continue the look all the way down…

And speaking of penises, Lala was joined in the party hosting duties by her male Vanderpump Rules co-star, James Kennedy. Amazingly, James looked pretty much identical to Lala from his waist to his neck — sans the tats and the furry happy trail:

Lala Kent James Kennedy Rehab Las Vegas

I just had a million dollar idea — Lala and James should launch a chest swap app! It’s just like the face swap app, but…well, I don’t really need to explain it. Maybe it’s more like a hundred dollar idea. But still! Anyways, back to the party…

Of course, Lala and James weren’t paid all that $$$ to just to stand around looking great and showing off their svelte male chests. James went the extra mile for that appearance fee by picking up a mic and dropping some rhymes:

Be sure to catch Lala, James and the rest of the SUR crew on Part Two of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion airing Monday night at 9/8c on Bravo! In ase you were curious where Lala Kent got her Tupac THUG L.I.F.E. swimsuit/leotard, it looks like it was from It lists for $85, but, unfortunately, they appear to be out of stock.

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