MTV Lindsay Lohan gets Pump Rules reality show on MTV based on her club in Greece?

Lindsay Lohan MTV reality series like Vanderpump Rules

In a new interview with The New York Times, 31-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan reveals that she plans to return to the public spotlight with her own reality series for MTV. In what The New York Times describes as a Vanderpump Rules-style show, the series will be centered around Lindsay’s newly opened Beach House restaurant, bar, and club in Mykonos, Greece.

“There’s a business side to my life now, but I’m not in America, so no one knows about it, which is nice for me,” Lindsay says. “Because I get to actually focus on the result of things.” She later adds: “I think success is the best revenge.”

The article doesn’t reveal any more information about the proposed reality series, but after doing some online detective work, we have some additional details. The show is being produced by Bunim Murray (Real World, The Challenge, Keeping Up With the Kardashians) and has the working title Summer of a Lifetime.

UPDATE – Lindsay Lohhan has since confirmed the series and revealed the new working title Lohan Beach Club. Click here for more details as well as a teaser clip from Lindsay!

Here is the casting call:

Lindsay Lohan reality show casting

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on a new MTV series. Producers are looking for fun, hot, and wild groups of friends and coworkers. Those selected will have a chance to fly to a beach paradise and help a major celebrity open their new high-profile nightclub.

MTV is searching the country for super-charismatic friends who work in the hospitality business to run the show and rock the house in a brand new, high-profile nightclub in paradise. Whether you are hosts, servers, bartenders, DJ’s, promoters or maybe just one of the “Extras” in their crew, you could be in for THE SUMMER OF A LIFETIME at the most exclusive, sexy place in the world.

According to the application questionnaire, the show will begin filming around July 1 and plans to wrap up at the end of September. Here are a couple of interesting questions for applicants regarding interactions with celebrities — both as customers and as a boss:

Have you ever waited on or served a celebrity? Who was it? How did it go?

How would you feel about having a major celebrity as your boss? Would you be psyched about it, intimidated, fearful, indifferent? Explain.

As indicated in the casting call, casting directors are looking for groups of people to apply — I assume so that the staff will have a history together from day one? Here are some more questions from the application pertaining to the applicant’s group:

What are the names of the other people in your group who are applying to the show? Where do they work? If you are applying with a group of friends, please make sure each member of your group completes this your application. THE BETTER YOUR GROUP, THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES!!!!

Who is the leader in your group and/or who’s idea was it to apply?

Describe the group of friends you are applying with. What is your dynamic, what are the personalities like, the drama, the competition and the fun, etc.

Who are you closest to in your group? Who are you least connected with in your group?

Do you currently have a crush on or have you dated/hooked up with anyone in your group?Who is it, what’s up? Give us the deets!

What role do you play in the group?

Is there anyone else not in that group that you think would be great for the show?Please provide names and contact information for them.

If you and your group were to be cast on the show, what could we expect to see from you? Describe how you guys would behave, the drama, the dynamic, etc.

Lindsay Lohan Beach House Mykonos Greece

So what do you think? Does Lindsay Lohan have what it takes to be reality televisions newest Lisa Vanderpump?

If you are curious about Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House, here is a bit of the history and more from The New York Times interview:

After licensing her name last year to a club in Athens — [Lindsay] has since been bought out of that project, she said — she decided to strike again this summer, exercising the creative control she felt she lacked in Athens. This time, her partners are opting to remain silent.

So she designed the Mykonos club down to its playlists, she said, which skew toward Top 40 with a healthy serving of deep house, culled in part just to show she can compete with Scorpios, a club down the coast.

Another Lohan club is scheduled to open soon, in Rhodes.

Although I do not know if he is tied to the new show in any way, I did find one degree of separation between Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant and Lindsay Lohan’s in the form of Instagrammer @tomburnage:

Here are some links for more info on Lindsay’s Mykonos club — which REALLY does look amazing! (Hey MTV, if you’re looking for press coverage on Lindsay’s new show in the form of on location interviews, hit me up!) 😉

Lindsay Lohan Beach House Mykonos website
@lohanmykonosofficial on Instagram
Lindsay Lohan Beach House on Facebook

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