PHOTOS Kim Kardashian gets spooked by a baby elephant, mocked by Kris Jenner

Kardashians Thailand

The Jenner-Kardashians have been living it up in Thailand for the past few days. Based on the many, many pictures they are sharing, it looks like a total paradise… Although there was one moment when Kim Kardashian surely begged to differ.

On March 28, the family got a meet-and-greet with a baby elephant. Kylie Jenner showed no fear by climbing on the massive mammal’s back.

Kylie Jenner - Elephant - Thailand

Meanwhile, Kim seemed to think it was safer to pose on the ground for a sweet selfie. That’s where she was mistaken: Kris Jenner later shared pictures showing Kim’s overreaction to the elephant playing with her hair.

Noting the look of sheer terror on Kim’s face, Kris captioned the collage “Ahahahahah @kimkardashian #scaredycat #hesjustababykim.”

In Kim’s defense, the baby elephant probably outweighs her 30-to-1 and would be capable of doing damage if it so pleased. No doubt she’ll now think twice before taking selfies with wildlife…

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