Khloe Kardashian Odom looks amazing in horizontal orange stripes!


It’s a general fashion rule to avoid horizontal stripes, but rules are made to be broken when they’re broken well! Khloe Kardashian Odom is stunning in this orange-and-white striped dress Wednesday at Hpnotiq’s Glam Louder event in Beverly Hills.

Khloe, who has recently dropped a few pounds, has also talked about having a healthy attitude about her body image.

She recently told Cosmo UK “I don’t care what size I am; I care about how I look. If my jeans are tight and I have a little muffin top, then OK, I have to cut down on the carbs. I don’t expect to be a size 2 and nor do I want to be. I’m 5ft 10ins and I like being curvy.”

Khloe spoke with E! Online tonight at the Hpnotiq event about her workout goals. “I’ve been on a workout kick and even if it’s not necessarily to lose weight, I just think what it does for my mind, it makes me feel like I’ve released so much stress,” she said. “And I do think that makes me then feel like I’m ready to take on the world today.”

Khloe also revealed that although she still wants to tone up, she refuses to “deprive” herself of food she wants, or give up drinking. “Well I can’t stop drinking. I love to drink. I need that for my sanity. For eating, honestly, I love food and I feel like that’s family time, it revolves around food. I’m just more aware of what I’m eating. But I won’t deprive myself because I used to be on diets and I’d never last and so I just try to be more aware of what I’m eating and just in moderation.”

She also defended attacks against her pregnant sister Kim’s weight recenlty in a letter posted on Kim’s blog where she said she found it “disturbing that society loves to critique a woman’s shape no matter how beautiful or happy she may be within herself.”


Khloe’s shoes:


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