Brandy Norwood got a Hindu god tattoo – Ganesha, god of beginnings, wisdom and remover of obstacles

Brandy Norwood, R&B singer and reality star, recently got ink on her wrist with a special meaning. She got an outline of the Hindu god Ganesha (or Ganesh), the deity of beginnings, wisdom, intelligence, and the destruction of obstacles.

Lord Ganesha has an elephant head, which represents knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. Since he is the god of beginnings, he is worshiped at the start of every prayer session, or gathering, and is prayed to at the start of every new venture.

He rides a rat, which represents vanity and pride, vices that Ganesha destroys.

She tweeted (@4everBrandy) a pic of the finished product:

“All done getting my tattoo by @Petertattooist!!! What do you babies think?”