Versace unleashes pink manties, manny pack, murse ensemble for Milan Men’s Fashion Week

It’s been said that real men wear pink. Well if that’s the case than the above male model is the realest dude to ever walk the face of the earth catwalk.

I’m not too fashion familiar so I’ll just describe what I see the best I can. We have ourselves some calve-length front-laced boots with open toes. Covering the naughty bits is a front-side cross-laced pink and white cheeky manties number. Strapped around the waist is a golden two level belt for the purpose of securing a manny pack that sits side-holster.

The futuristic manny pack number sits above a front-zipper multi-patterned sleeveless number, all of which is accented by a large patterned murse.

You never get anywhere by not pushing the envelope I suppose so I’ll ask our thoughtful readers and let you play fashion police. What’s your opinion of this trend-busting creation from Versace? Gentlemen, would you wear this in any imaginable situation? Ladies, what would you think if your special one showed up for date night sporting this?

How about a zoom in on the manties just so you can feel good about your convictions in regards to this ensemble.

Manny pack e owwwwwwww!

Perhaps all of the above is irrelevant and the fact that the eye-popping outfit caused me to write about it is the point… Those clever designers!

Photos: Massimo Procopio / Splash News