VIDEOS Chris Brown and Rihanna’s awkward BET Viewers’ Choice Award announcement

Tiffany Green announces Chris Brown and Rihanna as BET Viewers' Choice Award winners

It was a perfect storm at last night’s BET Awards when their “Your World Our World” fan contest winner Tiffany Green was asked to present the 2011 Viewers’ Choice Award and Murphy’s Law reared its ugly awkward head.

Things started to go wrong before Tiffany even took the stage, as she let her Twitter followers know that the show was running behind and part of her script had been cut. Then, from what we can tell from various sources, there was a technical malfunction that resulted in different names being listed on the telprompter and the tablet in Tiffany’s hand.

As a result, she first announced that the winner was Chris Brown – which was followed by silence and a lot of nervousness from Tiffany. She then corrected herself and announced that in fact Rihanna was the winner at which point the music cued up and Drake came on stage to accept the award on Rihanna’s behalf, saying into the microphone, “This is awkward.”

The mix up was awkward enough, but throw in the controversial history between Chris Brown and Rihanna (In case you didn’t know Chris was arrested after repeatedly punching her in the face in 2009) and you’ve got a downright epic awkward moment!

Here are a couple clips of the historical eff up. The first includes the entire set up and announcement and the second is a report from CNN that just includes Tiffany’s announcement flub:

Tiffany was none too pleased at the mix up and tweeted this angry message just after coming off stage:

The tablet f***in said CHRIS BROWN….the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the F***?????? Goin home.

She followed that by alleging BET may have done it on purpose!

Look b!tches….Im not SLOW. lol They did the shit on PURPOSE. F***ed up right? *shrug* smh

BET executive Stephen G. Hill would later take the fall for the blunder, announcing on Twitter:

That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice (sic) mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected.

Tiffany seemed better about the whole ordeal after a good night’s sleep. (Plus, I think she kind of liked being a huge internet sensation.)

Good morning! Had an AMAZING time last night. I’d like to thank @BET for this opportunity & I apologize if anyone was offended by my words.

So who actually DID win the Viewers’ Choice Award? It was Chris Brown after all! So congrats to Chris, who seems to be proving that fans can forgive and forget even the most heinous of crimes after taking home numerous trophies at the Awards!

Now, on to the next big controversy that no one is talking about… The super sexy presenter girl OBVIOUSLY grabs the Drake’s snake at the 1:05 mark in the Youtube clip, :49 on the CNN clip! Here’s a screen cap of the junk nabbing:

Woman grabs Drake's crotch during the 2011 BET Awards

Whuh?!? That’s amazing! Reach for that prize girl!