PHOTOS Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s personal lives are basically parallel

Kim Kardashian - Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush dated on-again, off-again between 2007 and 2010. Even after going separate ways, their personal lives stayed strangely parallel.

For one, Kim and Reggie both moved on with people who look vaguely like each other. Kim’s relationship with Kanye is a bit of a stretch, considering he’s a rapper while Reggie’s a professional football player. In Reggie’s case, there’s no denying Lilit Avagyan and Kim share a resemblance — which might have something to do with the fact both are Armenian. (Lilit actually grew up there.)

Lilit Avagyan

In term of careers, both Kim and Lilit appeared on Dancing With the Stars — with Kim as a celebrity student and Lilit as a professional dancer. Lilit Beyond her stints on TV, Lilit works as a dance choreographer and instructor in Los Angeles.

In terms of expanding their families, both couples welcomed daughters around the same time: Reggie and Lilit became first-time parents to Briseis on May 6. (Shown below with her parents during a lunch outing in West Hollywood on Feb. 20.)

Briseis Bush - Reggie Bush

Five weeks later, Kim and Kanye also became fist-time parents to North West.

Next up for both pairs: Planning weddings. Reggie told Us Weekly he and Lilit plan to wed next summer. Kim and Kanye will marry that same season in Paris.

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