Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind arrested again – Mad Libs edition

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind Mad Libs Starcasm

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind has been arrested again again. Since this seems to happen about every other week, I thought I might save myself some time by putting together an Adam Lind Mad Libs template so whenever he gets arrested from now on I can just fill in the blanks with the appropriate nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. With that in mind, here’s the first edition of the Adam Lind Mad Libs with all the pertinent info from his most recent arrest:

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind was arrested   Friday   for  violating the chronic DUI 24/7 testing program . Bail was set at    no bail  .

According to a jail spokesman who talked with Radar Online, Adam “either didn’t show up for testing or tested positive for alcohol.”

Adam Lind’s current    girlfriend   ,      Jessica Nicole     responded to the arrest on      Facebook      by saying                       nothing                  .

Additional info about this arrest:

Adam is required to take a drug and alcohol test every day due to his extensive DUI arrest history. Adam will be behind bars without bail until at least 1:30PM on Monday. Also, according to an insider, this was to be Adam’s weekend with Aubree                          .

In case you were unaware, Adam Lind has a rather extensive arrest history with  3  DUI arrests already, and was last arrested on       May 17        for           driving with a revoked license        .

You can see more of Adam Lind, when he’s not behind bars, on new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season  5b  on  Wednesday  nights at  10/9c  on MTV. (Starting July 16)

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