PHOTOS Jenelle Evans friend Tori Rhyne arrested for heroin possession

Jenelle Evans friend Tori Rhyne arrest for heroin

Jenelle Evans’ Teen Momtourage continues to keep those Carolina police busy! The latest incident involves Jenelle’s on-again, off-again BFF Victoria “Tori” Rhyne, who was arrested earlier this month and charged with felony heroin possession as well as misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Tori was arrested in Wilmington, North Carolina on April 13. According to the online reports from the arrest, it appears as though Tori was with at least one other person in a vehicle when she was arrested. Here is the incident/investigation report from the arrest:

Victoria Tori Rhyne arrest report 2016

It is important to note that the charges listed above are all of the charges from the incident, and not all of the charges are not necessarily ones filed against Tori. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, the only two charges she appears to be facing are for felony heroin possession and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Here are the items listed under the “PROPERTY” section of the report, which seem to indicate there was a Ford Econoline van involved:

1 Grinder With Joker Logo
4 Empty Heroin Bindles
1 2000 *****29 NC FORD Econoline


Victoria Tori Rhyne heroin arrest mug shot

Tori was not in custody long, and after she was released she was quickly defending herself on social media — including responses to folks commenting on her mug shot photo. “F**k it,” Tori tweeted yesterday. “Not everyone takes a good picture. And especially a mug shot. This is by far the worse picture of me everrrrrr. I will admit that.” She later added, “that mark on my forehead is from a piece of glass btw. Not a scab lol”

So what about the arrest? Tori responded to numerous tweets assuring everyone the heroin was not hers. She also pointed out that she was never charged with marijuana possession.

“All of y’all are wrong about my charges,” Tori tweeted. “Yes I got charged but no it wasn’t mine and yes it’s getting dismissed. Get ur facts straight first.” She emphasized that she does not do dope by tweeting: “If Virgin Mary had a bleached a**hole that’s how clean my arms and nose would be. #SayNoToDope.”

Those comments kicked off a Twitter conversation with a since-deleted account, but I think you can get the gist of what was being said from Tori’s responses:

well seeing how I only got charged because no one claimed it then I guess so. But sh!t happens

well I didn’t know my friends had it in the car lmao like they would tell me ? F**k no. Cause I would flip sh!t

I wasn’t I took a charge for someone so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

TWEETER: But you just said the cops knew it wasn’t your’s & the charges were getting dropped.

negative wasn’t event caught in the car. Lol it was two hours after being at home

TWEETER: so you took a heroin charge for a friend so they wouldn’t get in trouble?

hellllll no. No one claimed it so therefore we all got charged

And no, no one knows the people I was with. They’re anonymous. [ed. note: We know the identity of at least one person who was arrested with Tori, but have chosen not to include his name in the post.]

you don’t know the story behind that either. Lol he was blamed for that. But the people who actually did it took the charge

yeah my license were revoked from a DWI when I was 18. That’s why so try again lol

TWEETER: you literally just said you were talking the fall for a friend so they

yeah for the driving while license revoked not the heroin

TWEETER: [Shared the incident report above that lists a marijuana possession charge as well]

not my charges. I didn’t get caught with weed someone else did. I have my citation. I think I know what it has on it lol and I’m the one who got charged I think I wld kno


After trying to clarify what happened and exactly what charges she is facing, Tori went on to indicate that she is making some positive changes in her life. “If I really was on drugs and thought I was going to ruin my life I would tell someone and get help,” she tweeted. “But I’m absolutely fine and clean. Besides I’m moving to Charlotte to get a fresh start. Knowing no one, working and just stacking money.

“How many addicts do you know of that willingly ask for help?” one person responded. “Everyone knows you use drugs you were caught just admit it.”

“Im not an addict,” Tori responded. “If I was I deff wouldn’t be sitting here at home on Twitter. I would be out trying to get my next fix.”

Jenelle and Tori together at Halloween:
Jenelle Evans sexy mermaid costume Tori Rhyne army girl

Tori has posted numerous photos since her release, and on Instagram commenter wrote on one of them, “You don’t look like you are a junkie.” Tori responded by writing: “I’m not a junkie that’s why. I just got caught up with the wrong place at the wrong time. And yes my hair in my mugshot looked awful. Lol but that’s not a daily thing.”

If Tori follows through on relocating to Charlotte, then this could potentially mark the end of a very long and rocky relationship with Jenelle — one that has been marred with numerous incidents of drug use and violence.

Needless to say, it is believed that Tori is no longer living with Jenelle and is probably no longer helping her watch Kaiser.

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