Jessica Eason ends Jenelle Evans feud ‘to please my parents and the rest of my family’

Jessica Eason ends feud with Jenelle Evans

It looks like the apocalyptic feud between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her future sister-in-law Jessica Eason is finally over. After more than a week without shots being fired, Jessica took to Facebook to address those starving for more drama and explained that she has decided to call a truce with Jenelle at the request of her family.

Here is Jessica’s full announcement:

So, Im getting publicity now for NOT speaking on it. Look, the damage is done. But it’s really causing conflict within our family. My entire family means the world to me. So yes if i can can fix it i will, no matter what it takes. Sometimes u have to put things to rest and drop it. Like I said, i would rather my family be alright then to keep fighting. That beef isnt important. My family’s happiness is important. Now go take that into your little groups and toss it around like a ball. Be mad that i stopped the hate but im trying to please my parents and the rest of my family! #familyfirst

The discussion remained positive in the comments section:

COMMENTER: Family will get on your nerves faster than anyone else because there is a mad passion involved when it comes to the ones we love. I’m proud of you sister for throwing out the petty and concentrating on the love. Stay strong, as long as you’re doing what you feel is right and your conscious is clear then that’s all you can do. Life is way too short for BS!!!

JESSICA: Im tryin girl

COMMENTER: i have seen you go through some mighty waves in this life and you always handle them with grace! You got this! Things may have gotten a little cray cray for a sec but your bringing it back in and handling it! Stay strong! You are very much loved!

JESSICA: Thank u amber. That felt good to read. Youre right! Ive fought some bigg a$$ monsters in my lifetime. This is small in comparison in many ways. Thank you love

COMMENTER: You’re a bigger woman for doing soo Jessica…
F**k what anyone else has to say if this can fix an restore your family then you do whatever is necessary!!
Blood is blood regardless an all though most of them will drive you INSANE in the end that’s your family an nobody can take that away.. Life is to short for all the petty drama..

JESSICA: Only time will tell

Jessica also shared this text graphic, which reads “Sometimes it isn’t about who’s right or wrong, or who did what first. Let go and Love! We aren’t promised another day.”

Jessica Eason Facebook message

Jenelle has yet to publicly address the new peace accord.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here are Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the dramastic battle of words between Jenelle and Jessica that included multiple accusations of drug abuse, the whole Maryssa toothbrush toilet cleaning thing, and of course “Mud Duck.”

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Maryssa’s mom Whitney attempts to join in (on Jessica’s side), Jenelle’s PR Twitter account accuses Whitney of drug abuse and having sex with “old guys” for money, and Jessica says Maryssa did not write the loving Mother’s Day note posted by Jenelle on Instagram.

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