PHOTOS Heather Graham looking rather thin at ‘Portlandia’ screening

Heather Graham skinny

Heather Graham was on hand for a special screening of the upcoming TV show “Portlandia” in New York City yesterday.  The star was all smiles during the red carpet arrival but from the photos taken she looked noticeably thin.

I’ve been a fan of Graham’s both as an actress and as a smoking hot woman ever since she first caught my eye and blew my mind as Rollergirl in the film Boogie Nights.  She has that special something that demands attention from the camera and she always seems to radiate sex in whatever role she plays.

Back during the Boogie Nights days she sported more of a classic hourglass Hollywood figure but she has seemingly got progressively more thin during her career.  She still looks beautiful in these photos but they reflect that ever present thin obsession that permeates the film industry.

Here’s a side-by-side of Heather from the 2006 premiere of Broken and the recent Portlandia screening.

Heather Graham skinny comparison

As for the television show she was supporting, “Portlandia” is going to debut this month on the Independent Film Channel and will feature “SNL” alum Fred Armisten and Carrie Brownstein formerly of the band Sleater-Kinney.  The show will focus on the sometime odd realities of the hipster culture that is now so prevalent in Portland.

Here are additional photos of Heather Graham from the “Portlandia” screening.  So what do you think of Heather’s looks in 2011?  Is her thinner figure becoming or do you prefer the more curvaceous look from a few years back?

All Photos: WENN