16 & Pregnant alum Ashley Salazar suffers miscarriage


Back in late March we reported that 16 & Pregnant cast member Ashley Salazar was expecting a new addition with boyfriend Justin Lane. Now, the 22-year-old has sadly revealed that she lost her baby after suffering a miscarriage.

Ashley told Radar:

“It has been really hard. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. But I was prepared for the worst, because at my eight-week checkup the doctor told me I was only measuring at six weeks.”

Salazar was told that she had a, “blighted ovum and even though she was having a normal pregnancy ‘with a growing stomach’ there was no embryo and everything had stopped forming.”

Salazar also highlighted how she and Justin leaned on each other for support:

“We were really, really sad. We had been really excited about having another baby, but learning that it wasn’t happening so early was a blessing I guess. We were crying and upset and hurt.”

Even though this was an extremely difficult time, Ashley is hopeful for her and Lane’s future:

“After everything has healed, we can try again. I think that is when my relationship with Justin will be even better. And even though I was upset, I know everything happened for a reason. We had tough times in our relationship but this clearly wasn’t the right time to have a baby. I know Justin has been saving up for a ring, but I don’t care about a big ring. I told him we could even just get bands.”

Ashley recently graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s in Journalism and a minor in Marketing. She recently wrote that her daughter Callie was her motivation for accomplishing her educational goals.

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