Teen Mom Leah Messer denies cheating on the night before her wedding

Leah Messer Twitter image

Teen Mom Leah Messer has had to deal with all sorts of rumors and accusations since her divorce from the father of her twin daughters, Corey Simms.

For many fans of Teen Mom 2 the news that the two had split was particularly heartbreaking because MTV had painted a picture of a struggling young couple that was making it work. I know I was shocked and was certainly a member of Team Leah and Corey. Since the split both parents have handled a difficult situation very well by keeping whatever personal issues they’ve had mainly between themselves. I tip my hat to both of them for taking the high road for their daughters Aliannah and Aleeah.

One of the most damaging rumors that has hounded Leah Messer involved a story published in OK Magazine in which her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd claimed to have slept with her the night before her wedding. This supposedly happened during a get together in which MTV was on hand for. At the time a rep for MTV made the following statement:

“Camera crews were with Leah for most of that evening and in the morning.  Nothing happened.”

Conjecture remained about this claim from Kidd due in part to Leah having never directly addressed it. Well that was until now, as Messer bluntly replied to being asked about it via Twitter with the following:

“but NO, I did not cheat the night before my wedding.”

Leah also gave a heads up to the peeps who were asking her about the rumor that they would, “find out soon enough.” I’m guessing this is referring to the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 set to begin December 6th.

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