PHOTOS Barron Hilton’s face appears to be healing well in Maui

Barron Hilton face injuries after Miami mansion fight

Less than two weeks after Paris Hilton’s brother Barron Hilton was involved in a brutal beatdown he alleged was ordered by Lindsay Lohan, Barron was photographed paddle boarding while vacationing in Maui. Although he was wearing sunglasses in the photos, it appears that the wounds on his face are healing well.

Here are side-by-side photos of Barron’s face right after the fight and from earlier today in Hawaii:

Barron Hilton face scars after Miami fight

Oddly, one wound that doesn’t appears to be healing quickly (assuming it was from the same incident) is a rather nasty gash on Barron’s right abdomen!

Barron Hilton fight injuries Maui Hawaii paddle boarding

OK, let’s zoom in a little…

Barron Hilton abdomen scar


Strangely, the scar didn’t appear in a photo posted by Barron earlier today on instagram:

So perhaps he’s had some sort of surgical procedure?

Since the incident numerous third-party sources have come out backing up Lindsay Lohan’s side of the story, which is essentially that she had nothing to do with it.

Ray LeMoine, the man who actually administered the beatdown, wrote a lengthy blog post for in which he explained that his friend’s name was on the lease of the property and he had woken up to discover there were some folks who had been partying all night doing Molly so he started kicking them out. That’s when Barron got upset and the tab got pulled on the can of whoop ass.

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