David Eason calls out MTV over Lindsay Lohan reality series, says Lindsay ‘will be MTVs new Farrah, only worse’

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It’s been more than five months since MTV parted ways with Jenelle Eason’s husband David Eason after he posted a series of homophobic tweets, and it seems David is still bitter about the whole thing. After calling out his former employer for adding Bristol Palin to the cast of Teen Mom OG despite her history of opposing gay rights, David is now upset at MTV for giving Lindsay Lohan her own reality series as he assures the network: “That girl is gonna run off with your gear and sell it for cocaine!”

In case you missed it, we initially reported last month that Lindsay Lohan was partnering with MTV for a new Vanderpump Rules inspired reality series documenting her club in Mykonos, Greece, and last week, MTV and Lindsay confirmed the project with a press release and a teaser trailer featuring the show’s star.

That announcement much have been what triggered David, who took to Facebook over the weekend to share his thoughts on the partnership. “WOW! Lindsay Lohan ????,” David began. “MTV sure does love the drama. Great way to get some views, put the craziest person you can find on her own program!”

David then gets specific in his implication that MTV has a double standard. “I’m such a bad person but you go hire Lindsay??? WTF, that girl is gonna run off with your gear and sell it for cocaine!” He then adds: “I mean everyone has their ups and downs in life but that’s more downs than ups! She will be MTVs new Farrah, only worse!”

David, who has his own series of legal ups and downs, offered up his thoughts just days after his wife Jenelle Eason made international headlines for a Teen Mom 2 scene in which she was shown following another driver (with Jace in her front seat) to the driver’s house before allegedly pulling a gun on the man. Of course, that incident comes after a string of “more downs than ups” for Jenelle that is pretty much unrivaled by any other reality star under the age of 30 — even Farrah Abraham. (In related news from the Teen Momiverse, Phoebe Price recently threw her ex gal pal Farrah Abraham under the bus and stated that she was going to be the next Lindsay Lohan. It’s The Circle of Reality Show Life I guess!)

The article that David linked to in order to illustrate the craziness of Lindsay Lohan’s life was an article by E! News titled “Lindsay Lohan: A Timeline of All Her Arrests.” On the very same day of David Eason’s post, Entertainment Tonight shared another post titled “Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans: A Timeline of Her Ups and Downs.” Well played, ET.

And Jenelle’s issues haven’t been just legal ones, she has also had one of the most turbulent relationship histories in all of celebridom. Just click here for a Jenelle Eason dating timeline that will blow the minds of even the most ardent Teen Mom 2 fan — or at least it blew my mind, and I wrote most of the stories!

Jenelle Evans EX Files special coming to MTV with Andrew Lewis Kieffer Delp Gary Head Courtland Rogers and Nathan Griffith

Meanwhile, life on The Land goes on. Jenelle and David shared a photo over the weekend of their party celebrating Jace and Maryssa turning 9 and 11 respectively:

I have to be honest, when I first saw that photo come across my feed I was asking myself: “Why is Jenelle throwing a party celebrating her top number on speed dial?”

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