PHOTO Is Kylie Jenner having a boy or a girl? New tease keeps the gossip going

Is Kylie Jenner having a boy or a girl

Kylie Jenner has been unusually quiet about her pregnancy since the story broke several weeks ago. Since then, she’s regularly trolled her fans with winking social media updates about the baby she has yet to actually confirm, been linked to a number of abortion rumors, and is at the heart of a conspiracy theory involving the identity of Kim Kardashian’s surrogate. (And also to one that claims she’s Khloe’s surrogate, which is even more absurd and thus more fun.)

Despite all of that, undeterred fans are still wondering: Is Kylie Jenner having a boy or a girl? And Kylie’s latest social media update–which could just be more trolling on her part–may have actually revealed the answer:

? shoot day

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As you might expect, Kylie’s legions of fans have chosen to interpret “shoot day” as “gender reveal photo shoot day,” and thus that the pink butterflies in the photo above signal that Kylie Jenner is having a girl. But there’s a bit more to the belief than overheated fan speculation–as People was quick to point out, the butterfly is a significant symbol for Kylie and presumed baby daddy Travis Scott:

This summer, the couple got matching ankle butterfly tattoos and one of the rapper’s most popular tracks, “Butterfly Effect,” references the insect. Scott also gave Jenner butterfly-themed bling for her 20th birthday: a gold choker-style necklace featuring five diamond-covered butterflies, as well as two mega-carat diamonds on either side of a large blue butterfly. TMZ reported that the piece was 28 carats and valued at an estimated $60,000.

The other bit of hot gossip currently involving Kylie Jenner’s unborn baby is a new, if unsurprising claim that Kylie is keeping her pregnancy secret in order to secure a second season of Life of Kylie and to boost the show’s ratings when it does come back. At this point, though, it’s hardly cynical to say that the Kardashians do everything for attention–whether in the form of TV ratings or social media followers–and the $150,000,000 contract Kris Jenner just negotiated for the next five seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians mean that Kylie is probably not the least bit concerned with establishing her own TV empire: she already has one.

On a related note, this is also a good point to mention that Kylie has a nine-figure fortune of her very own, thanks to her rapidly expanding makeup and fashion brands. In fact, Kylie Jenner remains well on track to become a billionaire, on paper if not also in reality, by her 21st birthday. By which point she will have a tiny baby the world will have been introduced to in the most lucrative manner (Super Bowl halftime show) Kris can dream up.

(Photo credit: Is Kylie Jenner having a boy or a girl via Instagram)

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