Kim Kardashian says family “thought Kylie Jenner had a brain tumor”

Kylie Jenner selfie Throwback


Kim Kardashian dropped an interesting piece of information on Monday. While being interviewed at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Kim revealed that she and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner collective once feared for Kylie Jenner’s health–because they were afraid that Kylie had a brain tumor.

Kylie Jenner was very sick as a child, Kim explained, and required constant monitoring by all family members. “I was a teenager and I would have to watch Kylie while my mom was in the shower, for example,” Kim said.

In fact, Kylie was so sick that she wound up spending “around a month” in the hospital. Things got so bad that the family feared the worst, in the form of a brain tumor.

Kim did not specify the type of brain tumor, or go into detail about what Kylie’s actual illness turned out to be.

Kim did say that what she took away from the whole experience was a burning desire to help others, in the form of the regular visits she makes to sick children.

“I’m choosing to get involved in children’s hospitals,” said Kardashian, who has drawn praise for doing just that. “You don’t have to have money to give back and that is so much more meaningful–you can give your time.”



(Photo credits: WENN; Kylie Jenner throwback pic via Twitter)

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