What are the odds of Kylie Jenner having six more children?

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The notion of Kylie Jenner having more kids is pretty much accepted gossip-truth at this point. Kylie is still super young, she seems to really enjoy being a mother to Stormi, and she’s got unlimited resources to help with the minute-to-minute stuff like answering “Hey mommy?” hundreds of times an hour when you’ve got other things to do. It wasn’t too long ago that we were all able to paint a more airhead-y portrait of Kylie — i.e., the type of person too busy with frivolity to burden herself with another kid. But, now that’s she’s the Kardashian family’s biggest breadwinner, that image is no longer accurate.

So it was not entirely surprising when Kylie — who, we should also point out, has been self-isolating way longer than most celebrities — jumped on Instagram Live this weekend and said she’d eventually like to have a bunch more babies running around her house(s). Kylie did a pretty far-reaching Q&A with BFF Stassie Karanikolaou in which the topic of Kylie Jenner having more kids came up and Kylie’s answer was actually the most expansive it’s ever been.

First of all, here’s the twenty-minute chat, via @kyliejennersnapsongs:

On the topic of further kids, Kylie stressed that, for her, the timing is the most important thing. “I don’t want another baby right now,” Kylie said, before adding that she does “want seven kids down the line.” You couldn’t see it on the live stream, but somewhere in Calabasas Kris Jenner was jumping up and down and shouting with joy. Seven is not a number we’ve heard from Kylie before; earlier this year, she did tell People that she wanted to have a family of four kids.

The main reason Kylie’s hesitant is the physical difficulty of pregnancy itself, though if you’re particularly craven you might point out that she could just follow in Kim’s surrogacy footsteps. “Pregnancy is just not a joke,” Kylie told Stassie. “It’s a serious thing and it’s hard, I’m not ready for that just yet.” (When she starts getting In-N-Out deliveries at her house in the middle of the night, we’ll know the next baby is nigh.)

I think it’s genuinely sweet that Kylie says she wants such a big family. I also think that no amount of money can insulate you from the stress of raising those kids, and that Kylie’s business empire will ultimately take up the space of kids lets say four through seven. I remember being about Kylie’s age and daydreaming with my now-wife about the big family we would one day have together. Fast-forward a few years and the tornado of joy that is our one child requires all our parenting energy, all our spare energy, and a little more energy beside. We look back and laugh at how naïve we were.

Then again, Kylie already *has* one child and she’s still saying she wants six more. And I would totally, 100% have more children if I had Kylie’s money to spend on hired help. And on a water slide. I would be a much calmer, healthier, better parent if I could go down a water slide a few dozen times at the end of a long day.

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