Passenger live-tweets awkward breakup during flight delay

Plane Breakup Tweets

Generally, flight delays are boring inconveniences. This was not the case for Twitter user Kelly Keegs, who witnessed and documented the awkward breakup between two fellow passengers while awaiting takeoff.

Kelly first noticed the drama when a young woman across the aisle from her started sobbing. Kelly later told Barstool Sports that “the two were SO drunk, came on the plane and I just thought they were loud and annoying at first but then she SHRIEKED and started crying loud enough to capture the attention of everyone in the front of the plane.”

Figuring they got what was coming, Kelly eavesdropped expertly on the subsequent conversation. Here are the chronological highlights, with emphasis added by Kelly:

Guy: Is this really a surprise? Are you seriously surprised at this information?

Girl: Great. JUST GREAT. I’m so glad I paid 40 extra dollars to be on this f*cking flight with you.

Guy: I don’t care.

Girl: I’M GLAD YOU DONT CARE….IT’S JUST SO MEAN. DO I DESERVE THIS? WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS UP? I don’t want to be this girl. I don’t want to be her. I want to be my best for you and YOU WONT LET ME….Is that what you’re starting to do with me? Just slow fade me OUT? Just like the others?


Girl: You don’t even understand why I’m F*CKING SAD. YOU HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME….Why is this so easy for you? It’s just THAT F*CKING EASY? What do you want from me?

Guy: You need to calm down.

Girl: To me I just really thought, you know, this was going to go somewhere. **loud sobs**


Girl: Well what makes you so F*CKING SPECIAL? You should probably just stop talking. Just stop TALKING!! I’m going to ask Charlotte. I’m going to ask her the minute we get home and we’ll see if your STORIES MATCH.

Guy: I can’t discuss this anymore.

Girl: So I’m not worth your time???? **silent sobs, lots of sniffling**


Then came a major plot twist! To the surprise of Kelly and everyone following the #PlaneBreakup on Twitter, the couple started making out! (Even though it doesn’t sound like all was forgiven.)


By the time the plane landed, Kelly said her phone was blowing up with notifications from approximately 7,000 new Twitter followers.

There’s no word on the identities of the #PlaneBreakup pair.

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