VIDEO Must see Chuck Testa taxidermy ad from ‘Commercial Kings’

Chuck Testa Ojai Valley Taxidermy

In May 2011, Ojai Valley Taxidermy and Chuck Testa were selected to take part in the reality TV show from IFC called Commercial Kings. The show involves YouTube stars Rhett and Link creating a commercial for the business. What they came up with certainly backs up the show’s name as this clip will surely go down as one of the best local ads you’ll ever see.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a bear in your bed! Nope it’s just Chuck Testa:

Man that is hilarious! If you want to find out more about Chuck’s business you can head over to his official website here where he’s currently holding a “Nope” photoshop contest based on the popularity of this hit clip. I also encourage you to check out the genius behind Chuck Testa that is Rhett and Link at their official website via IFC here. Just in case you’re wondering, when we say “YouTube stars” we mean over 90 million views and counting stars folks.

Here’s the summary of the episode that featured Chuck called “Taxidermy Comedy”

Taxidermist Chuck Testa of Ojai Valley Taxidermy in Ojai, CA is having trouble getting exposure for his love of “bringing animals back to life.” According to him, living on the west coast means zero publicity for his business. He has two options: figure out how attract more business, or move to a place where hunting and mounting animals is a popular hobby. To help Chuck stay in his beloved Ojai, Rhett & Link decide to prove to the locals that Chuck creates the most life-like dead animals around.

Rhett & Link did their job ten-fold! Here’s a behind the scenes video from that episode in which Chuck Testa teaches them about the art of Taxidermy: