Do Huggies baby wipes really contain shards of glass?

Huggies Wipes

It all started with a video posted last week on Facebook by Melissa Estrella: in the video, the mom finds suspicious, sharp “shards” covering her child’s Huggies brand baby wipes. Estrella’s discovery now has parents everywhere questioning whether these wipes are tainted with shards of glass.

The three-minute video shows Estrella opening three bags of Huggies brand wipes. As she runs her fingers across the wipes, she says the texture is like glass. She attempts to pick up the sparkle emitted by these pieces embedded in the wipes and even pulls off a small piece to show to the camera. Two bags purchased in a larger box of wipes contained the substance, while one smaller travel pack purchased separately did not seem to be affected.

Ok So I Tested 3 Different Bags Of Huggies && I Just GOT A REALLY BAD BOX OF HUGGIES. Here is a whole new video from this morning. Please SHARE THIS VIDEO. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK THERE WIPES ???????

Posted by Melissa Estrella on Thursday, August 20, 2015


The video, which has had over 7,000,000 views since it was posted on August 20th and has been shared over 200,000 times on Facebook, has had parents everywhere panicking about a potentially hazardous baby product.

After being confronted with the allegations, Huggies responded on their Facebook page that they were looking into the allegations and reassured customers that no glass is used in the production of their baby wipes:

Hello Huggies Parents, As some of you may have heard, a concern about our wipes was raised recently on Facebook. We…

Posted by Huggies on Thursday, August 20, 2015

The company later explained that the shiny substance found was actually a result of the fibers used to make the wipes.

Thank you all for your continued patience as we work to respond to everyone expressing their concerns and asking…

Posted by Huggies on Friday, August 21, 2015


Instagram user 818qponcouple had another theory about the shiny substance: the ingredient sodium methylparaben. The compound sparkles and resembles the shards of “glass” found in the Facebook video.

While this may be a relief to some parents, others aren’t too thrilled that wipes called “Natural Care” contain an unnatural paraben as the fourth ingredient. This compound may have an effect on people with sensitive skin and can lead to a rash. Many social media users advise parents who’ve noticed rashes after use to switch to different brands that do not contain these ingredients.

Complaints posted on the Huggies Facebook page are all being fielded by representatives. Anyone who has questions about the ongoing updates or have complaints are advised to contact Huggies through email or by telephone. A FAQ page filled with common questions has also been set up by the company. At this time, there is no recall on any of their baby wipes.

Melissa Estrella herself has contacted Huggies and was told to send in the affected wipes. She has stated in her video comments that she will send in a sample of the wipes, but will keep the rest as she plans to pursue a lawsuit against the company.

(Photo Credits: Broken Glass photo via Flickr/Sherrie Thai, Crying photo via Flickr/memekode)

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