New Kim Kardashian baby bump photo sparks Baby Bumpgate rumors

Kim Kardashian baby bump Instagram 7-27-2015

People are always frustratingly asking what the Kardashians do to deserve all the attention (and money) they receive, but the answer seems pretty simple: they know how to troll. Kim Kardashian showed off her trolling skills (whether intentionally or not) last night by posting the selfie above in which her pregnant belly appears to have grown exponentially in a matter of hours!

Compare the photo to this one taken earlier in the day:

Kim Kardashian baby bump 7-27-2015

OK! wrote about the contrast in a posts titled “Now You See It, Now You Don’t! The Case Of Kim Kardashian’s Disappearing Baby Bump In Photos,” and Reality Tea openly wondered if Kim was lying about her December due date, or perhaps that she is expecting twins:

Kim has said that she is due sometime in December, giving her nearly five months to go in her pregnancy. Yet, her baby bump growth seems to be indicating a story that’s much different. Is she fudging her due date for privacy concerns? Is she having twins? Is it a fake bump? What is going on?! We’ve gathered photos from the past 45 days to show you exactly why we’re so floored over the abrupt change.

(The conspiracy theories surrounding Kim’s baby bump may remind some of the original Baby Bumpgate scandal after Beyonce’s pregnant belly famously seemed — REALLY, REALLY seemed — to completely deflate as she sat down for a televised interview in Australia in 2011.)

What’s my opinion? I think Kim (or Kim’s resident photo manipulator) simply flooded the highlights and perhaps even ramped up the shadows in her selfie to amplify her bump. It really doesn’t seem all that different from this photo, also taken earlier in the day, after I made some similar basic alterations:

Is Kim Kardashian's baby bump fake?

What do you think? Is there something Kim’s not telling us? Or is she checking out the internet today, laughing and shaking her head at all of us?

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