Buckwild’s Salwa Amin completes rehab, gets into Twitter tiff with Jenelle Evans

Salwa Amin Buckwild Update

She may have been prompted in getting sober by the long arm of the law, but Buckwild‘s Salwa Amin has since done a great job of committing herself to recovery. Following a stint in jail for her February drug arrest, Salwa went into an intensive inpatient treatment facility to deal with her opiate addiction. She recently completed rehabilitation, but opted to further safeguard her sobriety by checking staying in a transitional house for six months.

“I miss home so bad but I know im not strong enuf to go bak home yet..So im doing watever it takes,” Salwa tweeted earlier this month.

The Buckwild beauty added she’s steering clear of all potentially addictive substances, including marijuana and alcohol. She is also attending regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Buckwild Salwa
As a recovering addict and MTV star, Salwa has been compared by some to Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans. It seems Salwa isn’t too happy with that connection. The following are some select tweets from an interaction between the two…

Salwa: Sumtimes getting high crosses my mind for just a split second wen i get bored but then i realize its not worth loosing my soul

Follower: I respect you for admitting that.not everyone will take responsibility for themselves @PBandJenelley_1

Jenelle: LMFAO I only aired my addiction all over national TV and went to rehab. RIGHT.

Follower: yea but unlike salwa, you acted like you’re cured! She understand that she will be an addict for life!

Salwa: Thats why its crucial to stay abstinent from everything while in recovery Since we are addicts… We will always find another addiction- thats y we have to stay away from it ALL..lol even weed

Follower: DrDrew’s CelebRehab is aSOBERreminder that airing yr addiction&rehab on TV doesn’t cure U

Salwa: Yea thats why I went to an intense rehab program not a resort in Cali… And even then.30 days is nowhere near enuf not for the raging addict i was..so im doin 6 mos

After that point, the conversation was primarily between Salwa and fans who were asking questions about her addiction. To her credit, Jenelle didn’t engage beyond the first tweet about going to rehabilitation…

We’d be more hopeful that was the end of Salwa and Jenelle’s argument, but it seems they are developing another common bond: Courtland Rogers! Salwa and Courtland have been flirting via Twitter and are apparently arranging a meeting. However, Salwa is adamant about remaining abstinent for a full year, so their relationship would likely be purely platonic. As recovering addicts who recently served jail time, they would have plenty to talk about!

We really just wish Salwa the best of luck in her sobriety. Keep your eye on the prize, girl!

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