MY 600 LB LIFE Diana Bunch lives by gratitude after losing more than 265 pounds

My 600 Lb Life Diana 2

The My 600 Lb Life Diana Bunch episode was one of the most physically harrowing in the entirety of Season 5. Diana, whose weight had made her a self-described “invalid,” had to somehow travel the 1,900 miles from her home in Seattle to Dr. Now’s Houston office.

But Diana’s 620-pound peak weight wasn’t the only physical ailment holding her back. She also had to make the trip while suffering from — among other ailments — severe lymphedema in her legs.

The trip stretched Diana’s family to the breaking point. One scene involving a torrent of abuse Diana’s niece hurled at her aunt received particular attention. But there really was no other option for Diana, a childhood sexual abuse survivor, who nearly wept when describing every waking moment’s “stabbing, throbbing pain.”

“I don’t look like a body shape — it’s just a blob of fat,” Diana said, after struggling through one of her thrice-weekly showers.

She then added, in one of the most heartbreaking comparisons ever aired on the show, “I don’t look human. I think I look like Jabba the Hutt.”

However, it’s a different world for Diana today. Just months after Diana’s debut My 600 Lb Life episode aired, the 55-year-old Texas transplant said she’s nothing but grateful for her time on the show, and for the successful gastric sleeve surgery that helped her lose 265 pounds and counting.

(UPDATE — As of this writing in 2020, Diana Bunch has the sixth-biggest weight loss in My 600 Lb Life history.)

For example, in a since-deleted Facebook update, Diana revealed she’s looking as great as she sounds. An eye-popping after-and-before photo capped off the triumphant news.

Diana Bunch today

In addition, Diana engaged in a little gratitude-sharing with fans after her own thoughts. The chat basically turned into an informative Q&A.

Among the more interesting tidbits Diana was able to share:

-The above photos of Diane Bunch roughly eight months apart.
Considering Diana shared the image in early October, it would seem that the “after” image on the left was taken in early February, or right around the time her My 600 Lb Life episode aired.

If that’s true, the “after” photo on the left would seem to suggest an even greater weight loss!

-Viewers haven’t seen the last of Diana — she’s filming for Where Are They Now?
“I am filming this year,” Diana confirmed. “So, if it all works out, my follow-up will air sometime next Spring.”

-Diana’s knee remains problematic–but a knee replacement may be on the horizon.
“My knee is just horrifyingly painful,” Diana said. “So I am still using the walker and will be until I get a knee replacement, but I am definitely more mobile than I was at the start.

“Dr. Now wants me to lose quite a bit more weight before they do the knee replacement,” she went on. “I am fine with that. I want to be as healthy as possible when I go into that surgery.”

-Diana is considering a move back to Seattle.
“I am still in Houston,” Diana told fans. “I hope to move back to Washington sometime next year, but no definitive plans right now.”

And, in a note not entirely related to her episode, it turns out Diana’s family is about to get a little bit bigger! Two of her nephews are expecting children next year. Congratulations, great-aunt Diana!

All in all, it sounds like things are going amazingly well for Diana. So another congratulations to her on her continued success!

You can stream Diana’s first My 600 Lb Life here, courtesy of TLC. And keep your eyes peeled for her follow-up episode, which should air when the new season of Where Are They Now? premieres in the spring of 2018.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Diana via Facebook)

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